Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sheeple herded to the slaughter

Hello again all,

This whole Russia-Georgia affair is a purposely-orchestrated and easily-pierced theatrical production. How convenient is it that the Bush Administration trained and prepped Georgia and then (some...) US troops-trainers pull out just before they initiate an "apparent blunder" that the Russians have been ready and poised to respond to, for months. Remember, nothing of this scale can be pulled together quickly, and all sides have been watching each other, like hawks, for decades.

Also remember, both sides have satellites and very well equipped spy agencies, so any assertion that anyone was surprised is laughable. It goes without saying that the leaders on all sides of this strange little war have something up their sleeves that most people have no clues about. All the pieces were placed on the board before major world leaders went off to the Olympics, pretending to be surprised, and pretending to be mad at each other afterwards.

It is amazing how easily duped the sheeple of this world are. Keep them stupid and enslaved to money and they are easily herded to the slaughter. The poor people of Georgia and the soldiers on all sides of this and all wars are merely pawns to the whims of those slithering in the shadows. This little production has been planned for some time to coincide with the Olympics, but that was such a poor cover that it should be obvious that something else is afoot.

How convenient is it that the Olympics are on 8/8/08? The timing of 8/8/08 links this to the same gang that pulled off 9/11 (and many other events), with its blatantly obvious numerology.

Contemplate Machiavelli and Mystery Babylon, since they both point to the same gangs of liars and their secret society cohorts.

Time to get a clue to help stop this evil gang, before its too late...

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Vatican-NeoCon Desperation Exposed

Hello again all,
(updated on 8/14...)

Today (8/11/2008) is my 53rd birthday and 5+3=8, so I am giving you this special "gift" ( Rosenrot... ). Use it wisely to help smoke-out and expose the slithering vermin that have long-bedeviled this world !!! Remember, It's Symbology Stupid !!

The Vatican-N.W.O. gang of thugs is orchestrating this Russia-Georgia war to distract everyone from the truth, which they desperately fear !!! It was planned for some time and several world leaders are working hand-in-hand to present this evil theatrical production. They started this deceptive war between Russia and Georgia on 8/8/2008, when many were expecting some sort of 8/8/08 event. Using the Olympics as cover was itself merely a smokescreen to hide the true purposes. Why are they so desperate to pull such a transparent stunt, now?

Many have scoffed at my assertions in recent years, but now the time has arrived to prove who the real fools are !!! Pay very close attention. I have given you the ability to understand that these events were orchestrated from behind the veil maintained by the Vatican and its cohorts, because they are very desperate now. This is a lot to ingest, but all of our futures are at stake. Please make the time to understand this now, so you can help others discern the truth.

On June 29, I posted this article. In it I refer to another article, which mentions the "fanciful Battle of Armageddon." Following is the first paragraph :

The first version of this article was originally published on 8/8/2006. It is updated and republished now because the time will soon double and arrogant deceivers are still trying to initiate the fanciful "Battle of Armageddon."

Now the time has "doubled" (plus two years), to 8/8/2008. Notice that 8+8+2+0+0+8=26 and 2+6=8. Furthermore, 2+0+0+6=8, making 8/8/2006 the actual 8/8/8. The Vatican and cohorts have orchestrated an event, hoping to simulate a certain interpretation of Armageddon, on the exact date I alluded to and which I have already proven is false !! They know that their time is short and this is their last best chance. Unfortunately for them, greed and arrogance make you stupid, and they have once-again fallen headlong into a well-laid trap.

Anyone who has followed the Vatican and Illuminati-NWO gang (Mystery Babylon...) knows they are obsessed with numerology and magic. We saw a similar cluster of pivotal numbers associated with 9/11. Conversely, I have been demonstrating the true meaning of the original symbology, as well as the delusional and deceptive nature of the religions and so-called mystery schools that have long-conspired to confound it.

It is also pivotal to understand that both the USA and Israel armed and prepped Georgia, and now you can clearly see why. Explore these search results and these also..

Here is more evidence that Israel and the Vatican-Illuminati gang are directly involved and cooperating in machinations designed to simulate Christian false-prophecy. As I have long asserted, the leaders of Judaism, which now includes modern Israel, have been willing servants of Rome for the entire last age, hence since the Second Temple period. Likewise, the secret cabals that pretend to oppose the Vatican are actually willing participants in the same Machiavellian deceptions. You need look no further than our Skull and Bones President's very close association with the Vatican. This war is more proof of Vatican cohorts at work, which clearly includes the leadership of Israel, the USA, and Russia, among others.

Now is the time for people to wake up and realize that the Vatican, it's many cohorts, and conspiring world leaders are purposely using wars and terrorism to distract you from my presence and messages. They have long-known who I am. Because of my current situation, they obviously thought that they might actually succeed with this latest gambit. This is more proof that greed and arrogance make you stupid. It is now up to you and others to ensure that they don't succeed. Remember, money is their chief source of power and ending our dependence on money is the only sure path to ending their ability to orchestrate wars and terrorism. Read what I have been saying in recent years, because now is the time for truth and justice to prevail.

To better understand the truth, read the following blurb I have been circulating for the last week to draw attention to the recently published "Open Letters" referenced below.

As the world descends towards greater disasters and debacle than humanity has ever known, people are still fighting over ages-old lies and delusions. If we don't take effective and proactive steps quickly, there will be very little left to haggle over. The only way humanity will survive the great dangers that now loom large is through wisdom and cooperation.

In that spirit, I am taking concrete action, in my own way, to end the rancor and deception. Since I am neither an atheist, skeptic, or a follower of any religion, please don't assume that I am trying to defend any of these groups or their positions. In fact, I'm going to kill all of your sacred cows so we can finally have truth, justice, wisdom, and peace.

Open Letter to Religious Leaders
Open Letter to Atheists and Skeptics

Here is Wisdom...

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