Monday, January 22, 2018

Time for a New Day to Dawn

Hello Everyone,

I want to mention something very important now. Fear is the enemy. People have been led into a predicament where there is fear of other people for various reasons. That is how divide and conquer tactics work. Regardless of your life predicament, people are being driven by various fears and hate about topics like religion, money, politics, race, sexual orientation, national borders, and much more. These then cause actions that are wholly unnecessary.

As you can seen from the details of my article over the weekend, in addition to everything I have presented in recent years, the stories and history associated with all three Faiths of Abraham have been badly misinterpreted. Yes, there was a great effort by the Hebrew prophets to pass along certain knowledge and wisdom over the millennia. It has been symbolically encoded to ensure that the great errors of these religions would not cause it to be lost before the time it is needed the most, ergo right now. Also, these religions have served an important function to pass along certain details that were expertly encoded within the symbolism of their canons. That reality is very important for everyone to appreciate.

I have gone to great lengths and endured much to ensure that I would be here now with the knowledge necessary to help the world out of the great dangers that confront us all now. Much of that is related to money, religion, and politics. The information I have presented is backed up by ancient texts and numerous archeological finds in recent years as well as the lessons of history and current events.

There is no longer any reasonable doubt that the long term effort to pass along certain proofs and associated wisdom began near the end of the ice age, circa 11-13000 years ago. The recent archeology at Gobekli Tepe and its association with very precise details in Genesis and other texts and locales like ancient Egypt should leave little doubt about the reality of this, any longer. Furthermore, it also leaves proof of the fact that real events occurred that have been misinterpreted greatly. People have undertaken a staggering amount of misdirected efforts across the millennia because of a combination of misinterpretation and deception and fears. Now the truth of this should be obvious.

Now I am asking everyone to take a moment and contemplate the fact that I have presented the solution to ending the War on Terror, the incessant problems in the Middle East, the racism in the USA and elsewhere, and much more. Proof of the truth about the history of the past several millennia of human civilization, and especially that leading to the end of the current situations involving Judaeo-Christianity and Islam, will lead to world peace and a safe and saner future for the whole of humanity, as the direct result.

Thereby, I am asking everyone watching here and watching me locally to pause efforts against me so I can help you and everyone else. There is no need to fear the future and no need to fear me or what I have planned. I am going to help everyone who allows it and I have avoided legal retributions because I have no desire to cause harm to those who have tried to harm me. I hope this is very clear.

I am going to continue my efforts to end the current situations that are the source of those fears. Show some courage and humility right now. I have endured everything to be here now to help everyone leave our fears in the past so we can work together to end the insanity and create a more positive future.

Here is Wisdom...