Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Money is Slavery by Proxy

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Thomas Jefferson wrote:
"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty"

It should be obvious that we are involved in an epic struggle to break free of those who use their control of money to control our leaders and governments and then use them against us and other nations. Truth and wisdom are the only sure guarantors of freedom and justice. On the other hand, ignorance is the surest path to enslavement.

Since humanity is enslaved to those with the most money, the only sure path to freedom is that which leads away from ignorance about money and those who secretly control it from the shadows.

Please read the previous press releases and articles and watch the attached videos to better understand the scope and nature of the problems we face.

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This is a long article written as a mini-course designed to expose the true purpose, nature and functionality of the deception we know as money and illuminate that which has long been purposely hidden. I avoid the myriad arcane details of finance and economics because they are little more than smoke and mirrors. There is plenty of other detail covering the core aspects and concepts though, so you will need to be a little patient. If we are to succeed at escaping the clutches of those who have bought and corrupted our governments, the truth about money must be understood by enough people to make a difference. Money is their source of power and we have no chance of out competing them if we foolishly continue to play the rigged game they have laid out for us.

Money is the plague, not the cure, it is sugar coated poison. It is a well-laid trap for all of humanity, as you should grasp when you are done with this article and the related links. Luckily for us, money is also the Achilles heel of those that use it rule this planet. Since it is a great deception that relies on secrecy to persist, the trap can be solved through the application of targeted truth and wisdom.

Those who strive to mislead and deceive the people of the USA and the rest of the world, about the topic of money and finance, do so because they know an ignorant people are more easily divided and conquered. Truth and wisdom are the ultimate defenses against enslavement through deception. The entire planet has been meticulously enslaved to those who privately control the creation of money and use that power to manipulate governments, markets, currencies, and the lives of billions of people. The resulting civilization is plagued by myriad terrible problems that are all symptoms of one core problem. Wasting time trying to solve each of the millions of symptoms, while ignoring the cause, is a fool's errand.

Those who rule this planet using money know this well and their best defense is to ensure your continuing ignorance. Please be a little patient and I promise to make it worth your time. Some things are far more valuable than any amount of gold and money, but they only come to those with the patience to grasp them. Though I have greatly shortened the learning curve and time involved, wisdom still requires patience.

Wisdom is defined as the simple defining concepts and understandings that describe a more complex body of knowledge and/or a larger system. Wisdom can also be described as the simple truths that are the refined essence of a larger body of knowledge. Most who use the term "spiritual gold" have no idea that it is symbolism referring to wisdom and its unmatched value when compared to mere knowledge. Wisdom thereby gives the bearer the simple keys to grasping and effectively controlling much larger systems, by solving great mysteries and defining accurate solutions to otherwise impenetrable problems and insurmountable barriers.

To understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom, read the definition starting on page 60 in my book, at Google books. You may read and/or download the full unrestricted ebook for free via my website. After reading this article, I also suggest you read the book's Preface for a better understanding of the simple wisdom that will help define our futures.

Contemplate, that if knowledge is power, then wisdom is super power. We will never out compete those who control money by foolishly continuing to rely on money, which they control and can create out of thin air. The only way to win against such a foe is to accurately identify the target, its Achilles heel or fatal soft spot, and focus your energies there. It will take both wisdom and cooperation to escape such a ubiquitous trap and avoid the great global debacle that is currently unfolding. If you wish to help save humanity (and yourselves…), then put on a thinking cap, practice patience and humility, and I will impart the necessary wisdom for us all to succeed, sooner than later.

The topic and title of this article is; Money is Slavery by Proxy. That is the simple wisdom that flows from the knowledge presented throughout this article and the attached links. Even if you failed to read the article and merely followed the title as an axiom, you would still likely succeed at freeing yourselves from the yoke of debt, money, and bankers. By reading and understanding the associated knowledge, you will understand the truth instead of needing to believe or trust what I say. Then, you can make better choices and help others understand the associated hows and whys, as we proceed to rescue the rest of humanity from the great delusion called money.


Read what else Thomas Jefferson said over two centuries ago:

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property — until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

In any struggle for justice, you must know your enemy well or all of your energies and efforts will be wasted in the wrong direction, and then your dream will die. Currently, the Occupy Movement and most people who are struggling for economic justice have no clue who, where, or what to focus on and thereby have no chance of ever deciding on or reaching a goal of their own choosing. Even most of those who target the Federal Reserve strangely conclude that money is still required. "Money" and those that control its creation are the true enemy. Until you grasp this vital wisdom, most of humanity will remain clueless slaves to a deception they think is somehow helping them.

Humanity is like a bunch of addicts, in love with a poison that is obviously killing them. Central banks manufacture the poison and banks and other financial institutions act as the dealers and shills. Thereby, those who own and control the central banks that set the monetary rules that lead to everything else are the correct focus. More importantly though, your enemy is not the individuals, but the great deception we call money.

Solving the correct problem in the correct way will solve all the myriad symptoms of a money driven civilization that have caused millions to rise up in protest and revolt. To cure a plague, you must correctly determine both the cause and the cure. If you only focus on symptoms the affliction will only stop if you are very lucky, and the presence of the plague is not a sign of good luck. Thereby, the only sure way to solve a great problem is to accurately discern its cause. Failing to do so guarantees failure.

We've all seen the movies where the evil wizard is finally killed and his tower, other structures, and armies crumble to dust because the dark magic that created and maintained them is finally defeated. These are all purposely symbolic of the effects of targeted truth and wisdom. Every beast and every Death Star has a hidden key that will destroy it. Keeping such wisdom from the masses has been vital to those that rule through deception about money and related topics. Unfortunately for them, certain lies have a troubling habit of returning to haunt you, at the worst possible time. Those with such horrendous karma should only expect bad luck to come their way, and that time has arrived, with a vengeance.

As the global financial system slowly implodes upon itself under obscene levels of debt, deception, and greed, it should now be obvious to all observers that global civilization is on the brink of a great calamity. Unless we can wisely and proactively cooperate to prevent the chaos and suffering that will inevitably ensue, we will find ourselves being foreclosed on by the same international bankers that are now imposing so-called "austerity measures" throughout Europe. It must be understood that the end result of "austerity measures" is for central banks (and their owners…) to reap huge profits and take possession of national resources, as entire populations are plunged into epic struggles and suffering.

From the viewpoint of karmic consequences, it is wholly appropriate for western nations to find themselves now facing the same austerity measures long-imposed on developing nations, by western monetary institutions. Industrialized nations have used these precise same tactics in the so-called third world to deceptively impose debt slavery upon a long list of struggling nations. They were purposely impoverished so westerners could steal their resources to improve so-called "quality of life" and profits in Europe, the USA and other industrialized nations.

Now, "that bird has come home to roost" and western nations have fallen prey to the same debt monster unleashed on the rest of the world. As they say, karma can be a bitch. Even so, bankers must not be allowed to succeed at the great deception they have used to methodically enslave the whole planet. Now that most westerners can see the true face of the system they have profited from and cluelessly supported, now is the time to finally act wisely.

Sadly, our so-called leaders are so steeped in money, religion, and politics that they have no chance of ever coming up with any true solution to these problems. It is also beyond obvious that they are puppets to those with the most money. Consequently, even if they know how to solve problems, they are restrained from doing so by their puppet masters. Any idiot should now be able to grasp that those strings are made of money. As we also see unfolding in Europe, politicians play the games they are told to, by those who pull their strings.

We are also beyond the bailout stage and this crisis will plunge global civilization over a cliff into a great debacle. Before that happens, a critical mass of people need to understand the long-hidden truth about money. Otherwise, most will foolishly participate in an unfolding disaster that is easily avoided because it is based on a complete illusion. The underlying deceptions have already been exposed and the solution is clear, but it is hard for most to accept at first.

Money is so ubiquitous that most can't discern its widespread negative effects or that we have all been deceived into a purposeful trap fashioned by bankers and financial corporations. Whomever controls a nation's money sources and creation also control its leaders and lawmakers and thereby literally control everything necessary for life. As the events of recent years have repeatedly shown us, those who control money control our leaders and governments. What they don't control, they are arrogantly destroying, as evidenced by the relentless exploitation and poisoning of nature in the psychotic pursuit of ever more profits by people who already have enough money to live in luxury for many lifetimes. It is clear that they are consumed by greed and we have foolishly permitted demonstrably psychotic people to gain control of the entire planet through deception and widespread ignorance about the true purpose and effects of money.

The root of evil is greed, but money is the most effective way ever devised to impose greed as a way of life and to consistently empower the greediest and most arrogant. Ever heard of a poor politician, dictator, or Pope? Greed, money, and profit are the root cause of the destruction of nature and the impending collapse of human civilization. Over 90% of all human effort is wasted because of greed, money, and profits. Consider the Texas sized islands of garbage in the oceans.

Ever heard of planned obsolescence or seen the staggering amounts of wasted resources collecting in landfills across the globe? Do you know how much food industrial societies waste out of vanity and arrogance? The list of sources of obscene waste and excess is extremely long and this is only the tip of the iceberg. How much effort and resources could be saved if we stopped wars and conflict? Money is the most important fuel for war and war is one of the great sources of debt imposed upon nations. It should be clear that our leaders keep pushing for wars because they are huge profit sources for the central banks, bankers, and corporations that pull their strings.

The ultimate solution to the vast majority of humanity's persistent problems is to eliminate money and replace it with wisdom and cooperation. When we eliminate money, it will only take a mere fraction of the effort and resources now wasted to establish a wise and cooperative civilization, easily able to provide for the welfare of all people. The current system is purposely designed to cause poverty and suffering to keep the other slaves fearful and productive.

Money is a man-made system, not a natural law. When any system fails and causes such horrendous consequences, it is a moral imperative to scrap it and stop the suffering and struggle of billions and the destruction of the natural world. Our civilization and species is near total collapse because of peoples' ignorance about the true nature and purpose of money and the obscene levels of greed among our so-called leaders.

Sadly, most people react with a combination of fear, surprise, and outrage when presented with the idea that eliminating money is the key to establishing a truly just civilization based on cooperation and wisdom and without powerful leaders. As I have explained on numerous occasions, most people are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome regarding the concept of money. Though it should be obvious that money causes deeply negative results throughout the entire civilization, most fear its absence because it is currently required for ready access to the products of our civilization. Money is the key and the chains to human enslavement. Its spell must be broken.

I'll summarize the important concepts below. For more detail, read the linked articles, watch both videos, explore the articles on my blogs, and read my books.

Debt, Compounding Interest, and Endless Loop Math

Still unknown to most, all money from all sources is created as debt with compounding interest attached. Even so-called gold-backed currency is created as debt. This forms a mathematical endless loop that produces huge levels of ever-expanding debt, throughout all levels of the entire civilization, faster than it can ever be repaid. The very act of creating, loaning, borrowing, and using money adds to a nation's debt load. The way the system is designed, there will always be debt. Also, there will never be enough money to pay off all debts. Consequently, this system guarantees a certain amount of poverty and suffering because it guarantees there can never be enough money to go around and service the ever expanding debt load. If there was, it would be difficult to coerce people to participate in economies and continue the insane drive for constant profits and growth in a finite and damaged world.

The hidden endless-loop math of money as debt drives the need for profits and non-stop growth as people forever chase an impossible goal. Profit driven economies are merely the symptom of this deceptively simple core math. Thereby, money is not a store of value as you have been told, but is debt with ever compounding interest that causes inflation, reduces its exchange value, and helps drive the constant need to make more, just to survive. Instead of a store of value, it is a way to deceptively steal value, further driving the need for more growth.

In other words, the whole world has been duped and herded into the conceptual equivalent of a hamster's wheel or dog-racing track, forever running in circles chasing a lure that always remains out-of-reach for most. Even worse, the winners in this system, though immersed in luxury and shielded from most of the fears and struggle that plague the poor, are actually more deeply deceived and deluded than those with less wealth and material baggage. Sadly, they also have the power of life and death over those with less money.

Another very instructive analogy is the carrot and stick, since this system guarantees poverty and suffering, because there can never be enough money to go around. When the already limited money supply is further reduced by profits, wars, waste, hoarding, speculation, corruption, etc., the numbers of those suffering is unavoidably increased because of the artificial shortages created by the purposefully planned shortage of money. The combination of a perpetual state of artificially created shortages for the impoverished (because of lack of money, not lack of resources), contrasted with the great abundance and luxury for the wealthy, illuminates the core psychology used to create both the fear and greed that drives economies, financial systems, and nations ever forward. In other words, a hamster's wheel, a dog-racing track, and the carrot and stick perfectly symbolize how this system forces almost everyone to run in circles chasing a lure that remains out-of-reach for most.

It is vital to realize that the massive debts imposed upon the whole world have been done so through deception, which is why the true nature and purpose of money has long been hidden from most. Many now grasp that debt equals slavery, but now that you know that all money is debt, it should be obvious that money also equals slavery. As we see bankers impose austerity measures in Europe, just as they have been doing in less fortunate parts of the world in recent decades, the goal of international banking should be clear to all. As we watch the world slipping towards the vortex created by the imploding global monetary system, it should be obvious that one of the next targets on the bankers' shopping list will be the USA. Turn a blind eye now and it may be too late for everyone.

Fractional Reserve Banking

Now that we have touched upon the deceptive endless loop math of money as debt, let's look at how money comes into being. The first thing to reiterate is that most money comes into existence when banks make loans. Government bonds, the US Mint, and other methods also add money into circulation as different forms of debt obligations. Banks, and to a far lesser degree credit unions, are the primary outlets through which money is loaned into existence. The big secret is how the process works.

Most people are under the misconception that banks make loans using deposits from customers. In fact, they use those deposits as the basis for more mathematical slight-of-hand, officially called Fractional Reserve Banking. Put simply, banks don't loan depositors money but are instead allowed to loan many times more than what they have in reserve. Depositors money and other valuables on deposit count towards the reserve amount, which only has to be a certain percentage of the amount they can loan. That required percentage is the "fraction in reserve," hence the name, fractional reserve banking. The required fraction is different at different times and for different reasons.

As an example, let's assume a bank has one billion on deposit with a reserve requirement of 10%, which is on the low side. Under those circumstances that bank could legally make nine to ten billion in loans. In other words, the money that banks loan, only comes into existence when a loan is made. Thereby, banks create money out of thin air in response to a promise to repay it, and then people slave their lives away paying off debts and chasing more money while bankers and others in the financial and monetary "industries" are able to simply conjure virtually unlimited funds into existence with little more effort than is expended making the loans.

Consider again how much suffering and struggle occurs across the entire globe because there is never enough money to go around. For those people who take out loans, should they fail to repay them on time or miss payments, banks take away property, kick people into the streets, ruin their ability to live normally, and hound them for years afterwards. When you consider just how easy it is for financial institutions to conjure money out of thin air, it should repulse the mind at how cruelly people are treated for falling behind on payments, most especially for an illusion of value so effortlessly created. This is purposely hidden from most people because bankers and financiers know "they are pulling a fast one on billions of unsuspecting dupes."

Fractional Reserve Banking is thereby a combination of legalized theft, deception, and fraud with the sole purpose of duping people into slaving their lives away for an illusion created by hidden mathematical slight-of-hand. As you can see, the greediest and most arrogant people on the planet have spent centuries methodically stealing lives and property from billions of people globally. That is the price of ignorance about the true purpose of money and trusting those who are so greedy they have no qualms about cruelly enslaving the entire planet.

Credit unions are different because they are usually non-profit membership organizations. Though they must use some form of this, they are less extreme than banks because of being non-profits with members.

Credit Cards

Credit cards don't use the same math, though something similar is in play. They are also based on the concept that money is debt and financial institutions are empowered to create that money out of thin air. Credit cards do away with cash and are instead a numerical medium with an account balance, hence a line of credit that can be drawn on per whatever rules are in place. They are another type of loan but with less security and higher interest rates and fees because the individual purchases are generally smaller than home, vehicle, business, or student loans. As most have experienced and/or observed, they are a constant source of temptation and convenience, which is why they are the perfect lure to dupe more people deeper into the debt trap.

Credit Ratings

The seemingly innocent system of credit ratings for every individual has also reared its head as part of the deception designed to help enslave people to debt and money. If loans and debt were ethical activities, then keeping track of someone's record of repayment makes perfect sense on the surface. Since it is clear that money and debt are purposeful deceptions, it should also be clear that credit ratings are merely a way to enforce certain behaviors that increase productivity and subservience among billions of slaves.

Immediately after 9/11, some of the more sinister aspects of credit ratings came into full force. To almost everyones' surprise, they immediately became one of the tools used by Homeland Security to profile people boarding aircraft. How is it that a sinister new super agency created by the Bush administration decided to used the instruments of the banking and financial industry to keep track of and rate everyone, based on what private credit rating agencies had on file? In other words, without telling anyone the private tools used by private financial organizations were suddenly used as tools of law enforcement in the so-called War on Terror, when they were supposedly looking for terrorists.

They did this without the need for legislation, and without warning, which serves to prove the close relationship between those who pushed the many deceptions of the War On Terror and the international banking industry. The War on Terror has been immensely profitable for them because the USA's debt levels have been dramatically increased and the war profits have been immense for the corporations and politicians that played ball. It should be obvious who the War on Terror benefits the most.

Credit ratings are now also used to rate job applicants, determine car insurance rates, and numerous other things they should never be used for. It should be obvious that this is a purposeful component in a long-term plan to enslave and corral everyone using money and debt. Those who control the world's financial systems are blatantly striving to conquer the entire planet. Pay close attention to how seamlessly our government started using private credit rating systems to impose travel restrictions and other consequences that the courts and lawmakers seem to be strangely quiet about.


Derivatives have been in the news since the years leading up to the 2008 crash. Following is the first paragraph from the Wikipedia definition for derivatives.

"A derivative instrument is a contract between two parties that specifies conditions—in particular, dates and the resulting values of the underlying variables—under which payments, or payoffs, are to be made between the parties. The term "Derivative" indicates that it has no independent value, i.e., its value is entirely "derived" from the value of the underlying asset. The underlying asset can be securities, commodities, bullion, currency, live stock or anything else. In other words, Derivative means a forward, future, option or any other hybrid contract of pre-determined fixed duration, linked for the purpose of contract fulfillment to the value of a specified real or financial asset or to an index of securities."

In short, derivatives are another way that large corporations have devised to use a combination of speculation and slight-of-hand to manufacture additional value out of thin air. In other words, they are not satisfied with the obscene profits made through existing methods, so they have dreamed up another way to create the illusion of value, which they then use to create more money. Banks have also used these smoke and mirror financial instruments to inflate their apparent reserves, which permits them to make more loans, and so on. This is one reason why banks were pushing first to relax the rules on derivatives and then to sell so many mortgages. It permitted them to greatly inflate their reserves, since derivatives were easier to come by and inflate in value than other options. This is also why these banks and related corporations crashed and needed bailouts.

When the underlying mortgages started failing in large numbers the values of the greatly inflated derivatives crashed into negative territory, and we all saw the results. That is why the Fed was required to inject trillions into these banks, over and above the TARP bailout and other shenanigans to obscure the full scope of the problem and hide what the Fed was up to in the shadows. Recent news stories validate this analysis.

Just like debt based money, derivatives are subject to crashes and unexpected events. The form of derivatives that caused the 2008 crash were mostly based on bundled mortgages. In other words, a bunch of housing mortgages would be bundled together, insured, and then through arcane formulas would be greatly boosted in value. Essentially, they have found a way to give themselves massive injections of value (assets) and loans based on the bundled loans of others. When the economy started crashing, people stuck with bizarre loan arrangements and loss of income started defaulting in droves. The derivatives based on those loans started failing and they were valued many times more than the bundled mortgages used to craft them.

When you hear pundits and politicians blaming poor people, just remember the insane level of advertising for mortgages in the years leading up to the crash. The absurd number of Countrywide Financial mortgage ads is the prime example, especially because they (and many others) were purposely selling as many mortgages as fast as they could, and to anyone they could. The purpose was to bundle them together to create derivatives, which were then valued many times more than the sum of the mortgages.

When these mortgages crashed in high enough numbers, the whole deck of cards came tumbling down and the corporations that had the most exposure to derivatives suddenly were caught with their pants down and hands in the cookie jar. That is why the bailouts were pushed through, because the smoke and mirrors broke and they had to erect more smoke and mirrors to hide how big the problem truly was, and who was most responsible.

When coupled with the big push for an "ownership society" during that very same time period, it is beyond obvious that President Bush and others were blatantly doing the bidding of the bankers that pulled their strings, by aggressively pushing more people into these bad mortgages that were sold in such great numbers, so they could create derivatives. You must understand that bankers knew many mortgages were bad, and they knew they would eventually crash, because that is how the markets work.

Thereby, regardless of all the misdirection, scapegoating, and blame shifting, the 2008 crash was clearly an engineered event, in large part using derivatives. It was no accident and it should be obvious that some made out like bandits during the previous crash because they planned and caused it. The other thing that is obvious is the crash happened sooner than expected. They had hoped to foist it off on a Democratic president, but their luck failed and it crashed before the election. Now we have another crash brewing, once again just before an upcoming election year.

Boom and Bust

While on the topic of financial crashes, it must be understood that the cycles of boom and bust are an unavoidable feature of a debt-based and profit driven economy. There is no way to avoid the cycles of ups and downs in this system. Banks and financial institutions have known this reality for centuries and use it to their advantage. Banks make lots of loans during the boom periods and reduce them during the downturns. It must be understood that downturns are the banks' harvest times because a certain percentage of loans will always fail and that percentage increases during bad economic times. Also, when you can engineer market and economic fluctuations, you know when to bet on them and thereby use those events to take profits in other ways. Once they have skimmed profits during the downturn, the next round of loans brings in more suckers, always ensuring a steady flow of failed loans and stable loans, both of which are profit sources.

Consider how people who have paid a part of their mortgages lose the entire home when they lose the ability to make monthly payments. The bank has earned money towards interest and usually towards the principal. Thereby, when banks foreclose on partially paid off properties, they take the whole thing to resell it. They usually make out like bandits while pretending otherwise. The longer the home has been paid on, the bigger the profit when it is repossessed. Foreclosures are thereby a hidden source of profit for banks, which is one reason they are so ruthless about them.

Now consider again the topic of "austerity measures," which in fact are another method international banks take profits from entire nations who have trouble paying their debts. It must be fully understood that banks know entire nations will eventually fall under the weight of their debts. In fact, that is the ultimate reason for imposing such huge debts through the various deceptions associated with money and banking. The unavoidable result of a civilization based on money, profits, and debt is that the bankers at the top of the hierarchy will eventually own everything and everyone. The global financial system is a combination pyramid and ponzi scheme. The unfolding collapse in Europe should be proof enough that bankers are now scrambling to take profits by repossessing the people and nations they have swindled.


As a natural outgrowth of a civilization built on greed and profiteering, speculation (betting) has long been integrated into the financial systems of the entire planet, in the form of stock and commodity markets. Derivatives are another form of betting on future outcomes. Stocks and derivatives are both methods to manufacture new value out of thin air. They are riskier than other forms of "value" but also have the ability to produce new wealth out of thin air. It is also a way to quickly shift wealth from one place to another, which is why it is an irresistible lure to many.

If these activities had no effect on lives outside the circles that participate in speculation, it would not be a problem. But economies, currencies, corporations, commodities of all kinds, and the price of virtually everything is now tied into multiple sources of speculation. Even the values of the currencies themselves are the target of multiple forms of speculation. In recent decades we have watched speculation on oil prices drive the cost far higher than any so-called natural market forces would have. It should be obvious that is one of the goals.

It is also obvious that certain corporations and billionaires use market and commodity speculation to secretly manipulate prices and conditions, using a wide range of tools and methods. In other words, there is a natural ebb and flow to economies and markets, but centuries of experience and advancing computer technologies give some the ability to purposely manipulate pricing and market activity on a wide scale. They do so as a standard practice to pump profits out of the markets during both boom and bust times, as well as causing the crashes that regularly occur and cause widespread hardships for almost everyone else.

You should already understand that banks and speculators purposely use market and economic downswings and crashes to generate massive profits. When you couple that knowledge with their ability to manipulate stocks, bonds, commodities, and relative currency values at will, it should be obvious that the lives of billions are made a virtual hell so the rich can play gods with the variables that effect the quality of life for billions. Furthermore, banks use economic downturns to take profits and property. Now you should also understand that they have long had the ability to cause price swings and market crashes. They do so regularly because it is immensely profitable if you have their insider knowledge. In this computerized world, they have honed that art into a dark science.

As you should grasp, all levels of all monetary systems and economies of the planet have been purposefully and meticulously designed to permit those who control money to control everyone while profiting from the very existence of money, ergo Money is Slavery by Proxy. There is also the satirical spin on the meaning of the golden rule; He who has the gold makes the rules. Money forms a numerical hierarchy in societies, so that those with more control more peoples' lives and those with less have less power within the system. Thereby, whoever has the most is at the top of the conceptual pyramid and whoever has the ability to create the money others use, has the most by default.

Since you know money is debt created by central banks, it should not be too hard to see who is actually in control of our planet. Since most central banks are secretly private, instead of public, the individuals who own and control the US Federal Reserve System and other central banks are the source of most of the suffering and struggle of billions of people worldwide, because it is immensely profitable. The only permanent solution to the problem is to end the existence of both money and profit.

Money causes stifling complexity, social inequalities, and crime

When most people consider the topic of money, they fail to understand that it is a system, not just the stuff you hold in your hand, spend, or save in the bank. Consequently, it is the overall system and its widespread effects on societies, individuals, and the natural world that must be understood to ever hope to solve and escape this trap. As you have seen by now, it is a complex and multi-level system with many variables, inputs, products, and activities. Without rules and constant manipulation, money as an overall system would have failed far quicker than now. It is also important to remember that those rules are purposely fraudulent and deceptive.

Thereby, the myriad problems that plague humanity are knowingly caused because greater complexity, managed chaos, and destruction are all profitable in the long run. The very existence and requirement of money and profit spawns exponential complexity because of all the systems and effort required to make and manage it, insure it, protect it at banks and all throughout all levels of the society. People are driven to all extremes to acquire money which causes widespread crime leading to more levels of protection in the forms of laws, police, insurance, and on and on. All of this spawns stifling complexity, which causes more overall activity. The more commercial activity that occurs, the more loans and debts are created. The rebuilding of cities and nations after wars also generates commerce, after the huge profits for bankers from national war debts and the need for more money to rebuild.

The math of money as debt and the actual functioning of economies guarantees there will be the super-rich and the super-poor, as well as most somewhere in between. The social inequities that underlie most crime are unavoidable in a civilization based on money and profit. Both communism and socialism were initially conceived as solutions to this, but both still relied on money, which is the ultimate problem. Socialist countries still have many of the same problems, but to a lesser degree. Those systems are now also collapsing under debt because of the deceptive nature of money. Most communist countries have turned to capitalism over the last two decades and thereby have less of a debt load because of the shorter time involved with banks and debt-based money. This is a telling distinction that demonstrates the cumulative effects of the involvement with central banking.

The other important aspect is that economies and monetary systems, based on the endless loop math of money as debt, simply cannot function unless money is scarce and hard to acquire for most. The core math also ensures there will never be enough money to go around or to pay off the massive unavoidable public and private debt load. This means that as long as we rely on money, there will always be impoverished and suffering people plus the larger group consumed by fear of being poor which leads to greed for money, profits, and material things. Because of vast inequities due to the imposed requirement of money, this civilization is wracked by crime, wars, and great levels of completely avoidable struggle and suffering

There is only so much potential in any system and civilization is a system. When most of that potential is sucked away by money and all that it spawns and multiplies, what happens to the needs of the living? Now the problem is greatly increased by astronomical debt and deception. Not only has the US national debt ballooned far beyond what is being publicly acknowledged, but corporate debt is far, far greater.

Simplicity has long been associated with wisdom for various reasons. The first is covered in the definition linked to early in the article, hence wisdom is the simple understandings that define a larger system and/or body of knowledge. Another is that a simple personal life and simplified societies and civilization are themselves facets of wisdom because they are a vital key to reducing the overall difficulty of life. The quantities of resources and energy required to maintain civilization are greatly increased through complexity and minimized through simplicity. A simplified lifestyle and resulting societies consume and waste far less and thereby entail less effort to maintain and improve overall quality of life.

Conversely, greater complexity requires far more time, energy, and resources because there are more parts of the system in motion and that requires more of everything. Likewise, the interaction of excess activities creates a feedback loop of related activities, and so on. The more you own and control the more you must keep track of, protect, insure, maintain, pay towards, etc., etc. Thereby, simplicity is wisdom on many levels.

Constant growth, waste, and destruction of life

Economies based on debt, money, and profits require constant growth to stay ahead of the ever growing debt load and the need to make and spend money to live and make progress. Constant growth requires constant money, aka debt, resources, effort, and energy that would not be required if there were no constant need to produce profits. Products must be constantly pumped out to maintain the flow of money. Economies have less to do with solving human needs and are mostly geared towards producing a non-stop flow of products, and thereby profits. This of course requires money and generates other activities that require more money, which ultimately benefits the bankers. Thereby, economies as we know them are an unnecessary and greatly damaging concept and activity. If there were no need for profits, there would be no need for the constant growth that has ravaged nature and humanity alike.

Now consider that we live in an insanely complex civilization because of the existence of money and all that it spawns. All of that extra wasted effort produces great debts throughout the whole interconnected civilization. Likewise, the imposed requirement of money and its purposeful shortage causes a greatly increased level of fear and greed. That results in far more resource and energy use because of the perception of the need to hoard to stave off the ever present threat of financial disaster.

In our technological civilization, another factor driving constant growth is the desire for newer and better gadgets and others products that are rarely shared and thereby require more production, resources, energies, etc. Similarly, there is the ever present effect of planned obsolescence, where products are designed to fail or have limited usefulness so people are required to buy updates, repairs, replacements, and future models. In addition to requiring a constant flow of resources extracted from nature, industrial activity also produces great amounts of waste, poisons, and environmental disruption and pollution. Many products require packaging, so the packaging and eventually the products themselves join the non-stop flow of non-recycled waste and poisons that get dumped back into the environment in various ways.

If we made products designed to last, shared more, and found a way to eliminate and reduce packaging needs, it would dramatically reduce the effort, resources, and energy required and wasted. The constant drive for new energy sources would be unnecessary because we would have reduced our energy needs far below what current technologies can already cleanly produce. It would thereby immediately and greatly reduce pollution, climate change, etc. These would be some of the many benefits of eliminating money and profits and thereby the false and destructive requirement of constant growth within a system secretly designed to enslave everyone, but a hidden few.

The ravages of money and profits effect people, societies, global civilization, and the entire natural world. Then there is the wanton destruction caused by wars and militaries, which would become unnecessary in a wise and cooperative world, without money and without powerful leaders. Industrialization and profit-driven economies requiring constant growth greatly accelerated the destruction of the natural world over the last two centuries. Western civilization effectively conquered the planet, first through wars, genocide, and colonization of the so-called New World by decimating native populations. Then the resulting colonies and nations were ensnared through money, banking, and the industrial explosion that followed.

Imposing the monetary system globally directly causes widespread struggle and suffering. One unavoidable and unsolvable result is the persistence of an economic underclass among people and nations alike, because of the purposeful shortage of money. The blatant oppression and impoverishing of the so-called third-world is how western civilization has blackmailed and exploited resource rich nations.

Books like "Confessions of an economic hit man" detail how deeply deceptive tactics were used to impose massive "development" loans that largely went to pay western companies to come in and exploit whomever and whatever they could. Oppressed and impoverished developing nations were made desperate so their resources could be swindled cheaply. This helped prop up western societies where most were kept in the dark about how their "quality of life" was supported. Finally, this sordid reality is becoming widely understood and despised by growing numbers of western citizens. Once you put it all together, it is beyond obvious that international monetary institutions and banking in general are blatantly evil activities operated by the psychotically greedy and arrogant.

Now, with far greater populations than 200 years ago, the effects of the profit motive (greed…) and constant growth are extremely damaging to humanity and are destroying the only planet we have. There is very little time left before we reach the climatic tipping point that will likely result in the ultimate failure and destruction of our civilization. The wild weather and storms of 2011 are a mere taste of what awaits us if we fail to make the correct changes now. Luckily, the monetary systems that are responsible for the destruction of the planet are in the process of an accelerating and calamitous collapse. Consequently, we now have the chance to proactively prepare to escape the fate that would befall everyone, if we remained ignorant and did nothing.

A Native American wise man once said:
"Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."

Greed is the first step on the path to evil but money is the most effective way ever designed to impose greed as a way of life. Humanity has been duped into allowing the greediest and most arrogant among us to control everything, due to our own greed and ignorance about the true purpose, function, and greatly negative effects of the deception we call money.

Misdirection, Proxies, and Planet Earth's Secret Central Bank

Besides hiding the truth about how money, monetary systems, and economies actually work, those who cruelly enslaved the world using money have gone to great lengths to hide themselves behind several layers of misdirection. Consequently, those who strive to understand who is behind the global monetary systems have been led astray by various false trails, scapegoats, and proxies.

Contrary to what many have been duped into believing, "The Jews" do not control the world. Any obvious evidence available to the masses on a topic this explosive and tied to so much power can usually be dismissed. It is true that the House of Rothschild is a powerful family of bankers and financiers deeply involved in hiding the truth about what they do and why. They have been the target of myriad conspiracy theorists, and that has been by design. Part of their function is to serve as a visible proxy and thereby a lightning rod to protect those that strive to remain invisible. As the result, most have no clue who truly rules this planet from the shadows. Please be aware that this historical discussion requires an exploration of Judeo-Christian history and the relationship to banking. I am seeking to solve this problem, not to pile blame in the wrong places, as have many with a lack of investigative skills.

One of the best ways to hide a great secret is in the open as something else. It should be obvious that our modern world was built on the foundations of the ancient world, yet many overlook this vital insight into current situations. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Western civilization came out of Europe, which was under the yoke of the Roman Empire and then Christian Rome until the wave of revolutions swept Europe following the successful revolt by the 13 former British colonies in North America.

Most don't grasp that the Church was as much a target during these revolutions as were the conspiring kings and aristocrats (bankers, the rich, etc.). This was most obvious during the French revolution, but the earlier American revolutionaries went to great lengths to ensure the church did not gain control of the state, as it had throughout the previous 17 centuries.

Now we have the strange little remnant of the Roman Empire called the Vatican. It is vital to grasp that the Roman Empire never really died, but morphed into Christian Rome which then split into the eastern and western empires, and both were Christian. The eastern "half" was the Byzantine Empire (Byzantium). It was the largest of the two and was a true military and economic empire. It persisted until the Ottoman Turks took Constantinople (now Istanbul,Turkey) in 1453, just 40 years before the wave of exploration, conquest, and colonization that followed the voyages of Columbus and other explorers.

The Western Roman Empire remained headquartered in Rome and they were a completely different creature altogether. It is important to understand that the dark ages were mostly a western European situation caused by the iron hand of the Church, which feared any knowledge that might counter their religious dogma. It was a long and terrible period that was not experienced outside of western Rome's sphere of control. These "dark times" are behind much of what occurred later, because western Europeans were desperate for a better existence and acted badly when released from their prison, unto the rest of the world. The combination of mostly unrestrained greed and exploitation drove exploration, treasure hunting, colonization, and the drive to forge new nations and empires in newly subdued lands.

It must be understood that there was money in most of the ancient world and there was also credit and loans. Ancient Egypt was an exception, because they used a resource based economy and initially merely inventoried, valued, and allocated resources without a separate exchangeable store of value. In fact, money as we know it was kept out of Egypt on purpose and wasn't officially introduced until after they were conquered by the Greeks and then the Romans. It was also in use in the surrounding regions and certain practices would have seeped into Egypt because of the need to trade with those using money.

In the ancient world, Babylonia seems to be the first empire with separately traded paper receipts, coinage, credit, and interest, a.k.a. usury. It is very curious that the ancient sages and prophets repeatedly warned about the dangers of usury. Because of ancient Israel's close association with Babylon and the surrounding region, the Hebrew texts have long provided evidence that usury and "money-changing" were viewed as unethical for millennia. Since the Hebrew sages are an offshoot from the Egyptian wisdom traditions, it is clear that their viewpoints towards usury come out of Egypt, along with most of the moral foundations seen in the Bible. The other curious practice that the Hebrews borrowed from Egypt was called the Jubilee, where all debts and obligations were forgiven and slaves freed.

Another important understanding about the ancient world is the progress of empires that set the foundations for later Western civilization. Babylonia/Assyria was the source of the money and usury that has been used to forge and manage empires, but especially those known for imperial behavior and conquering. Babylon was then conquered by the Persian Empire, which was later conquered by the Greeks, who were later conquered by Rome. Thereby, when the Persians took control of Babylonia, they also took control of Babylonian money, usury, etc.

Likewise, control of money was passed on to the Greeks and then to the Romans as each new empire absorbed the previous. All of these empires were imperial and ravenous and were based on money, profits, and some form of banking, finance, economies, etc. The same four empires are described in the Old Testament and symbolically linked to specific metals associated with them. Babylonia was gold, Persia was silver, Greece was Bronze, and Rome was Iron. It is important to notice that the ancient source of money is associated with gold. It is also curious that a great gold mask was found in the excavation of Troy, a Babylonian outpost.

These four great ravenous empires (hence their symbolism as beasts…) had one thing in common. They controlled the sources of money and banking in the region of North Africa, Asia Minor, and southern Europe. Then Imperial (pre-Christian) Rome spread it throughout their empire and into Europe. It was already well established in the Middle East and ancient Israel. When Rome conquered Israel, it set the stage for the events that would result in the formation of Christianity.

Though the New Testament can't be trusted as accurate history, it and the Dead Sea Scrolls do nonetheless agree that Rome and its installed religious and political leaders were strongly opposed by some of the locals. Stories about money-changers in the Temple and discussions about greed and usury demonstrate that the focus of those intense struggles were about the mixing of religion and money by the Priests installed by Rome.

Another of the things mostly misunderstood about the ancient world is the close association between the state, religion, and wealth. Religion was the original tool for building nations and forging a national identity, narrative, and mindset. The kingdom and its gods were seen as one. Ancient Babylon took this to even greater heights and the pomp of religion became the pomp of the state and both were worshiped. This same behavior was also well known in Rome. It is through this ancient mindset that money, religion, and governance/politics became so tightly bound together. Even today, the strange mixture of money, religion, and politics dominates our civilization's civic life. Just as now, religion and wealth were tightly wed because religious leaders are flimflam artists who know how to use the gods to enrich themselves and their temples.

The discovery of a massive treasure worth over $20 billion beneath a centuries old temple in India provides valuable insight into this ancient reality. Religion has always been a great source of wealth and power, in part because offerings made to the gods became the property of the temple, and the priests were always well compensated and well fed. Temples were also used as safety deposits and banks in some places, which included both Babylon and Rome. In ancient Egypt, temple organizations stored and distributed grains and goods to those under their charge, but their ultimate treasures were the wisdom passed down by the ancients. Temples served as part of the distribution network for the primary products of Egypt's state run agriculture, which were distributed throughout the kingdom.

In Rome, we have clear evidence that the office of Chief Priest (Pontiff) also had control of great wealth. An early step on Julius Caesar's path to becoming Emperor was to be elected Chief Priest so he could gain access to the money he required to buy the votes of the lower classes. This historical insight shows the well-established link between politics, wealth, money, and the Roman Priesthood. Afterwards, we also see the raging controversies in ancient Judea/Israel about usury, greed, and "money-changers" in the temple, which was recorded as setting up an "abomination" in the Temple, that was also called "the abomination that brings desolation."

One of the important things about the Hebrew temple before Greco-Romans invaded was the separation between money and the temple and especially the avoidance of usury in the temple itself. It is clear that the Romans and the Priests they installed were using the Hebrew Temple as the financial and monetary center of the state, just as was done in Babylonia and later in Rome.

This is important to our timeline because it is before either Christianity or Christian Rome came into being, even though Rome would prefer you concluded otherwise. Ancient Israel became a Roman territory following the defeat of the Greek empire. The Temple Priesthood were installed by Rome and ultimately did their bidding. As was the practice in Rome, they also used the Hebrew Temple as the local financial center, which included credit and loans, hence usury. This was in direct opposition to the expectations of many and was one of the things that led directly to the revolt.

It is also important to note that at this point in history we have a religious and financial alliance between Rome and certain elements within ancient Israel. They were clearly opposed by others. It is vital to notice that these priests and others were subservient to Rome and did their bidding, to the point that a large segment of the population revolted against the religious bankers and their Roman overlords.

After the destruction of the Temple and the ethnic cleansing of those who opposed Rome (the tribe of Judah), what we now call Judaism and Christianity came into existence. Neither existed before the Temple was destroyed and afterwards Rome oversaw the formation of both, so they were properly coordinated to their liking and for their purposes. The close association between Rome and those not cleansed from the area then morphed into Judeo-Christianity, when the state religion of Rome became Christianity.

Since then, Rome has gone to great lengths to impose its state propaganda about that time period. That has been an important function of Christianity since its inception, but it is important to note that Judeo-Christianity was formed out of the remnants of the religion and wisdom texts of ancient Judaea. Christianity has always based its claims on the so-called Old Testament. One thing that has existed from the outset is that Judaism and its leaders were subservient to Rome and Christianity.

After the events that we have been told were the fall of the Roman Empire, Byzantium flourished for another nine centuries until the 1450s. During that time western Europe was controlled by the Church from Rome via the monarchs they controlled and were allied with. During this time, we see the exact same pattern evidenced in ancient Israel and other territories of the Roman empire. Rome installed and controlled religious leaders, the church and state were inseparable, and local leaders followed Rome's dictates. This was the period of the dark ages, the Inquisition, and the Crusades.

It is important to grasp that Rome and the Church controlled all the levers of their empire. That means there was no one else that could have controlled the empire's money, banking, and financial systems. To suggest otherwise is a joke. It is important to notice that the marriage between the Chief Priest of Rome (Pontiff) and the Roman Empire's wealth were clearly still intact.

There are three important insights from this time period that allow us to see proof that the Church was still the banking and financial center of the empire. The first is the behavior of the Vikings who learned early on that Churches were storehouses of wealth. They purposely targeted outlying churches and religious compounds, because like bank robbers of the future, they knew that is where the money and wealth were concentrated and they were usually poorly defended. The Vikings weren't afraid of Christian gods, so the fear used to keep others at bay had no effect on them. The Vikings have thereby left us proof that the Church and money were still tightly wed.

The next insight from this period revolves around the plight of the Jewish people in Europe. Since the fall of Jerusalem, Rome had scapegoated all Jews because of the claim that some in Israel supposedly killed Jesus, which history has no record of beyond Rome's Christian stories. Jews were oppressed to different extents at different times and some was brutal. Just like in Nazi Germany, they were persecuted and barred from employment in many professions.

Strangely though, in some places the only jobs permitted were in the financial industry. It is bizarre enough that Rome persecuted the Jews, while basing their own religion on the Hebrew canon, but then to force those cruelly oppressed into finance, banking, and gold related endeavors makes no sense whatsoever, except as a plan for some future use. The Church in Rome controlled the reigns of the empire's money and wealth, yet for some reason they chose to force those they cruelly oppressed into becoming the empire's future financial professionals. It is important to note that Rome is still in control of the reigns of money throughout this time.

Next, we look to the story of the Knights Templar. It is already well known that a small band of Knights went to the Temple in Jerusalem, excavated and discovered something so profound (and disturbing to the Church) that suddenly the Knights Templar become rich and powerful and took over a portion of the banking during the Crusades. In fact, one of the reasons the Church and the King of France conspired to attack and disband them in 1307 was to regain control of the international banking the Templars had been doing for two centuries. Europe was deep in debt after the Crusades and a large part was owed to the Templar banking system.

Only those who controlled the empire's banking and money could have given this small band of Knights the ability to do banking in the empire. They found something severely damaging to the stories of Christianity and they blackmailed the Church, which gave them a banking concession and a great amount of wealth and authority. As power hungry as Rome has shown itself to be throughout history, the Templars sudden rise to wealth and power is proof that whatever they discovered caused great fear in Rome.

After the Crusades were lost, they lost political power and backing. Rome and the King of France made what they thought was a surprise raid to round up and shut down the Templars on a Friday the 13th in 1307. Unfortunately for Rome and the King of France, they utterly failed to capture either the secrets used to blackmail them or the Templars' wealth. Years later we see Swiss banking in one of the lands where a large number of Templars escaped and then successfully defended against a series of attacks by Rome's proxies, ergo the armies of other European nations.

The next big turn of history is the wave of exploration and colonization that greatly expanded the scope of western civilization, and gave birth to the USA. The early explorers were contracted to the Church/State as seen in the actions of the southern European (Catholic) explorers. Their great greed and ruthlessness is directly related to the desire for gold, silver, and other wealth, a sizable percentage of which went directly to the Church. Later, as continents were conquered, and colonized, many new nations came into being and all were Christian. It is important to remember that at this point in time the central bank of the empire was still in Rome and the western Christian territories were expanding in the Americas.

As we move through the 1700s, growing efforts to break free from the old constraints of the Church/Kingdom paradigm lead to waves of revolts that deposed kings and religious leaders and resulted in democracies and other forms of governments (dictatorships…). This period saw the fall of the old power structures in western Europe, which eventually included the fall of the Papal states in Italy during the 1870s. While this was occurring though, the Church's territories and wealth were growing in the New World.

Though great changes were occurring in Europe, neither money nor religion were defeated. These were Rome's traditional tools for spreading the empire and regaining control over lost areas. Since the populations were still mostly Christian, half of that battle was already won. The other half would also be won, but the truth was well hidden until recently.

So, this returns us to the importance of Rome's reasons for pushing cruelly oppressed Jews into becoming the obvious, visible, and often despised class of money-changers, bankers, and financiers in Europe and the resulting colonies. It is important to grasp that the fall of Rome was the fall of the western empire's military. The Chief Pontiff, state religion, banking and monetary, and administrative and legal knowledge remained intact. Likewise, the accumulated knowledge and experience of Imperial Rome became the seeds for the expansion of the western Roman Empire following the collapse its military.

From this point in history forward, Rome's influence spread throughout western Europe using the ancient tools of empire building, namely religion and control of money. History shows how Christian Rome made alliances with all the kingdoms of Europe and those monarchs imposed Christianity using the power of the state. What is mostly hidden throughout history are the secret financial arrangements that bound these kingdoms to Rome. Religion alone would never satisfy Kings and aristocracy, so it should be obvious that money and international finance were also involved. Also, that it was centralized in Rome and managed by the Church hierarchy. Consider this as you contemplate why modern leaders still treat the Vatican as they do.

The new western Roman Empire, unlike the Eastern empire, had given up on the idea of maintaining a large and expensive military force. Their new approach was to manage an empire of proxies and to hide the full extent of these dealings from the general public, though not wholly successfully. From the seventh century forward, Rome used the Church to re-establish control of lands the military had withdrawn from in the preceding centuries, and then as the management arm of the western empire.

One of the lessons Rome learned from its military downfall was to avoid becoming a military target themselves, by not being a military power. Power was projected through proxies using money, religion, and politics. Keep in mind that Machiavelli wrote the Prince after his dealings with the Papal states. Italy was a cesspool of political intrigue since the days of Imperial Rome and it remains so even today. Rome and the Church have a long and well earned reputation for manipulation and Machiavellian activities because that is how they manage proxy states and international politics.

Rome has many centuries of expertise setting up and managing proxies and scapegoats and manipulating them against one another. Rome conquered the Jews and after the fall of Jerusalem used them as both scapegoats and proxies to help establish the Christian historical narrative. Even so, there were always Jewish leaders who worked closely with the Church. Centuries later, after the disbanding of the Knights Templar, Rome made a concerted effort to establish a Jewish financial class. Pay close attention again to the merger of religion and money and how international banking and finance was a function of the Roman Church, but for some reason it was "gifted" to certain Jewish families.

Consider again Rome's penchant for setting up both proxies and scapegoats in their efforts to manipulate and take advantage of the flow of events and the ever shifting monetary, political, and strategic sands. It is clear that they saw the changing landscape in Europe during the 1600s and 1700s, as well as the expansion of the number of nations and markets. Thereby, it should be no surprise that the Rothschild family rose in prominence during the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Most people don't realize that the Rothschild Family have the official title of "Guardians of the Papal Treasure" per the 1901 edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica, (1901–1906, Vol. 2, p.497). These are not conspiracy theories, but verifiable facts. The story has been circulated that they came to the Pope's rescue and loaned money to the Church and was given the job and title in gratitude. In actuality, this was the culmination of a process began in the previous centuries. It also perfectly matches the ancient roots of Judeo-Christianity and money. It is at this point in history that Rome's control of banking becomes more deeply hidden and the myth that Jews controlled the world arose. Once again, we see Rome's original scapegoats now working as proxies to manage their wealth and banking systems and serving as the reason for some to scapegoat all Jews.

Many who oppose the US Federal Reserve are aware of the stories of how it was installed in 1913, as the result of a secret meeting on Jekyll Island. Before this point, the US did not have a central banking system. Afterwards, the deceptively named private corporation called the Federal Reserve became the central bank of the USA. This unconstitutional fraud is secretly owned by a group of shareholders, part of whom are not US citizens. It was at this point in history that the Rothschild family and cohorts took control of the financial instruments of the USA, which are subservient to and generating profit for a hidden cabal of international financiers. Keep in mind, that at no point in history has Rome ever lost control of the reigns to money in their mystery empire.

That brings us through history until today, where we see the strange little ancient city-state in Rome now called the Vatican (City of Prophecy). It is well known as the richest and most valuable patch of land on the planet. The Church boldly displays large quantities of gold, jewels, artwork, and other treasures. Churches and Cathedrals throughout their global empire are large and opulent beyond belief. The Vatican also has its own publicly acknowledged banking system. Note that this follows the exact same pattern seen in the ancient world, which is to what "money-changers in the temple" refers.

There are dual purposes for this long historical discussion. One is to highlight the history of money and trace it and credit (usury) through time, because those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. The other is to demonstrate that there has indeed been a conspiracy to lie about this history. The purpose is to hide the truth about the secret central bank that has been used to enslave humanity.

As I said at the start of this section, the best place to hide a great secret is in the open as something else. The Vatican and Papacy use this axiom to hide the secret central bank of the planet. The Papacy and Judeo-Christianity are used as smokescreens to hide the Vatican's most important function in the modern world, ergo to hide and manage the secret central bank. Another important function of the Rothschild family is to help hide the fact that all of their wealth flows from Rome and they are Vatican operatives. They are bound by common wealth and a common fate when exposed. More importantly though, all the world's debts and banking are tied to a hidden set of accounts.

It is well known that the US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and others are controlled by private stockholders. Behind them sits the House of Rothschild, the Guardians of the Papal Treasure, a.k.a. the Vatican Treasury. Behind them all sits the Vatican, the remnant of the Roman Empire that has secretly used money to build an empire far larger than ancient Rome could ever have dreamed of. Now it is time for the following to transpire.

Quatrain 10.65
O Vast Rome, your ruin has arrived
Not of walls, but lifeblood and substance: (money, religion, and politics)
The one of rough letters (surprise !!!) cuts so terrible a notch,
Pointed steel thrust all the way to the hilt (sharp two-edged sword issuing from my mouth...)

Alas, certain lies have a troubling habit of returning to haunt you, at the worst possible time.

Now, I want you to contemplate that these liars have long purposely misquoted what was originally written two millennia ago about the money-changers in the temple. The correct phrasing should have been "turning the tables on the money-changers in the Temple."

At long last, the tables have now been turned...

What are the solutions?

The ultimate solution to these problems is to form a new civilization based on wisdom and cooperation. We must cooperate to end the existence of money and thereby end the power of those that currently control our civilization and refuse to stop destroying our planet.

First and foremost though, the task at hand is to make enough people aware of the truth about money and who is behind the struggle and suffering of so many. As I said at the start of the article, the knowledge herein is summarized by the title, Money is Slavery by Proxy. This is the targeted wisdom designed to break the spell created using money and related deceptions. Spread this simple message far and wide and as quickly as possible and get people to read this and the attached links.

Use the attached graphic as posters and spread on the web and post physically anywhere it can be seen by many.

Here are four relevant links to two articles I wrote years ago and two good videos. Follow-ups and updated articles will follow soon. My website is behind the final link.

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Here is Wisdom…

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