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The Doctrine of Two Spirits

The following is an excerpt from the Preface to Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. The balance can be read in the book. The full PDF Ebook is linked to above and at the bottom of this posting.

Please keep in mind that the acquisition of wisdom has always entailed patience and perseverance. Though I have gone to great lengths to help reduce the learning curve and time required, you will still have to be patient with my writing style and methods of explicating the concepts explored herein. In this instance, the rewards for your patience will be tangible and considerable as I verifiably demystify pivotal topics and vital details that have remained mysterious and impenetrable for millennia.

The context and meaning of many ancient texts and concepts have long been confounded and thereby lost on those deceived and/or deluded by the assertions of religious leaders, founders, and others. Over the millennia, spiritual wisdom and the ancient symbologies used to model, encode, and encapsulate it were purposefully recast and obfuscated into religion and mysticism to serve the greed and ambitions of monetary, political, and religious leaders who sought to hide pivotal knowledge from subjects and enemies alike. With the passage of time, the true purposes and meaning of the symbology and the wisdom it modeled and encoded were mostly lost to history. Consequently, most of the interpretations presented about the sources and meaning of these concepts and the philosophy and cosmology of ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Hebrew sages are mostly wrong.

These ancient symbologies and what they encode have come down to us through a much longer history than most have imagined possible. A very long line of ancient sage-scientists ensured that the integration of profound spiritual wisdom and advanced science, forged during a much earlier cycle of human civilization, would eventually be available to be understood by us, at a very specific time. Before you scoff and write me off, you should understand that I speak from personal knowledge, experience, and years of intensive research and reconstruction of the true meaning of pivotal ancient concepts. I have documented comprehensive proof of these assertions, as you will grow to truly understand as you study this book series.

Throughout this series, you will see that my focus is squarely on the symbologies evidenced in Egypt-Nubia, which were the basis for the specialized variant used by [Amen]Moses and later sages to structure the symbolism evidenced throughout the Hebrew canon, derivatives, related concepts, and narratives. These sages and the symbologies they utilized have the specific mission of conveying wisdom about the true nature of life in this universe and how that directly affects the future existence of humanity and our civilization. This wisdom was expertly hidden to prevent religious leaders and their cohorts from forever burying it beneath their blatant lies and misrepresentations.

I will focus less on the specific details of “eastern” philosophies and religions like Buddhism. Even so, it will become obvious that many of the concepts encoded by the ancient wisdom symbologies I demystify directly address many of the same topics because the underlying causes and functionality of our realities are the same for us all. Interpretations and perceptions of reality will differ though, especially those based on the assertions of religions. That is why I have endeavored to look beyond what any religion or “ism” has to say about the nature of existence. Instead, I compare the deeply ancient sources of these concepts with pivotal findings on the frontiers of “modern” science to finally prove the truth about ancient wisdom symbology and what it has always encoded.

The Doctrine of Two Spirits shown below and on the rear cover is the refinement of pivotal ancient wisdom that is the basis for truly understanding morality, dualism, and karma (ka-maat). It is likewise the refinement of the precept from the Dead Sea Scrolls‚ Community Rule, defining human character and behaviors and the foundations of ancient wisdom symbology. The “two spirits” (ways, paths, inspirations, inclinations) symbolize good and evil, the dual moral opposites used to define positive and negative deeds and spirituality.

It is important to grasp that the wisdom and philosophies of ancient Egypt were consistently dualistic in nature because that is the true structure and functionality of this universe. Thereby, to successfully navigate through an existence that is verifiably structured and driven by the flows and interaction between opposite polarities, one must truly understand both the positive and negative.

As you contemplate the moral guidepost presented by the opposing spirits shown below, remember this is a guide to the causes of positive and negative existence, for yourself and everyone else. It is not meant to further divide and demonize people, but to illustrate the wisdom required to finally cooperate and succeed at creating a better reality for everyone, everywhere. Its purpose and that of the symbology that it defines and organizes, is to deliver pivotal wisdom designed to help humanity finally evolve beyond the self-destructive path, that we have been stuck on for ages.

Doctrine of Two Spirits

(a.k.a. Two Ways and Two Tables of Stone)

The Spirit of Good (Life) -Seven Spirits (Inspirations) of God - Positive Motivations 
The Path of Truth and Justice - (Righteousness and Perfection) 
Symbolized as: Seven Pillars, Eyes, Seals, Candlesticks, and the Temple of God
  1. Truth, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Discernment, Perfection 
  2. Wisdom, Insight, Understanding, Intelligence, Ability
  3. Humility, Modesty, Patience, Empathy, Piety
  4. Self-sacrifice, Courage, Righteousness, Integrity, Virtue
  5. Compassion, Helpfulness, Generosity, Charity, Love
  6. Freewill, Optimism, Cooperation, Harmony, Joy
  7. Justice, Fairness, Equity, Safety, Peace

The Spirit of Evil (Anti-Life) -Seven Spirits (Inclinations) of Iniquity - Negative Urges The Path of Greed, Falsehood and Injustice - (Vanity and Error) 
Symbolized as: Marks, Names, Heads, and Images of the Beast
  1. Greed, Envy, Materialism, Excess, Money, Extortion, Usury, Profit, Wealth
  2. Falsehood, Equivocation, Deceit, Politics, Hypocrisy, Betrayal, Fraud
  3. Ignorance, Folly, Delusion, Hero Worship, Religion, Idolatry, Ritual, Dogma, Fear
  4. Arrogance, Impatience, Selfishness, Vanity, Untrustworthiness, Neglect, Indifference
  5. Anger, Insolence, Obstinacy, Callousness, Jealousy, Antagonism, Hostility, Malice, Hate
  6. Harm, Aggression, Provocation, Treachery, Violence, Cruelty, War, Conquest, Chaos
  7. Injustice, Inequity, Exploitation, Oppression, Subjugation, Inquisition, Enslavement

Later religions of this region took this ancient merger of science and tightly integrated spiritual philosophy, that was modeled and encoded using advanced symbologies, and ignorantly and deceptively recast it as a literal battle between good and evil people, gods, and other supernatural entities. History and the sad and sordid state of current affairs are overwhelming proof that humanity has been doing something very wrong, for a very long time. The Doctrine of Two Spirits is the simple guide to grasping the true mindset, focus, and purposes of the ancient sages and prophets. It is the essence of the body of wisdom and science they endured millennia of great struggles to ensure would reach us intact, despite ages-long efforts to obscure and misdirect it by religious leaders and cohorts.

The above outline is the expanded listing of the seven attributes (sub-spirits, qualities, behaviors) of each of the two primary “spirits” with some added references and clarifications above each outline. The bold items at the start of each numbered line represent the simplified listing, as well as the focus and purpose of that line. If you compare this to the back cover, you’ll see that the middle and last items on each line are not in bold here. I wanted to provide a cleaner presentation that showed both the simple and expanded listings within the same outline.

This maxim unequivocally reveals the Creator's true nature and “Her” “judgments” of humanity prophesied to be delivered by Melchizedek (among other names and titles). You’ll grow to truly understand what this means as you read through this book series. It is important to grasp that assertions about “divine” judgments are greatly mischaracterized philosophical and symbolic concepts purposely recast by religious leaders to exploit the ignorant and gullible masses. To grasp the source of these traditions, it is important to understand the great importance of truth and justice to the Egyptians and Nubians and their philosophy associated with Maat. As the feminine personification (symbol) of truth and justice, which they correctly understood as the basis for universal order (a.k.a. laws of the universe), Maat (along with related symbolism) is the archetype for and focus of much later symbolism, including the original symbolic texts of the Hebrew canon.

Read the balance in the Ebook  Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols.

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