Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sheeple herded to the slaughter

Hello again all,

This whole Russia-Georgia affair is a purposely-orchestrated and easily-pierced theatrical production. How convenient is it that the Bush Administration trained and prepped Georgia and then (some...) US troops-trainers pull out just before they initiate an "apparent blunder" that the Russians have been ready and poised to respond to, for months. Remember, nothing of this scale can be pulled together quickly, and all sides have been watching each other, like hawks, for decades.

Also remember, both sides have satellites and very well equipped spy agencies, so any assertion that anyone was surprised is laughable. It goes without saying that the leaders on all sides of this strange little war have something up their sleeves that most people have no clues about. All the pieces were placed on the board before major world leaders went off to the Olympics, pretending to be surprised, and pretending to be mad at each other afterwards.

It is amazing how easily duped the sheeple of this world are. Keep them stupid and enslaved to money and they are easily herded to the slaughter. The poor people of Georgia and the soldiers on all sides of this and all wars are merely pawns to the whims of those slithering in the shadows. This little production has been planned for some time to coincide with the Olympics, but that was such a poor cover that it should be obvious that something else is afoot.

How convenient is it that the Olympics are on 8/8/08? The timing of 8/8/08 links this to the same gang that pulled off 9/11 (and many other events), with its blatantly obvious numerology.

Contemplate Machiavelli and Mystery Babylon, since they both point to the same gangs of liars and their secret society cohorts.

Time to get a clue to help stop this evil gang, before its too late...

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