Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Time to Build a Better World

Hello everyone,

NOTE: The Gofundme link herein is no longer active but I left this information on line for others to understand. I know it is longer than most will bother with. I've had repeated troubles getting Gonfundme to link with my Facebook page and I assume this is being done by some to hinder my ability to extract myself from a long term trap I am still working to escape.Here is something more recent.

This is the description from my former Gofundme page at https://www.gofundme.com/Page7. The details herein are relevant to everyone regardless of whether you plan to or are able to help financially. Most important is to let others know what has been transpiring and that many monetary, political, and religious leaders have knowingly conspired to prevent me from revealing the truth about the topics I write about, using overtly evil and blatantly criminal actions against me. Please let others know and urge them to read this. My opponents are trying to take advantage of what has been done to and towards me as the new Trump administration is spreading fear and mayhem.

Now is the time to hold their feet to the fire and shine a light that will teach them the meaning of humility. People must understand the true nature of these hypocritical & holier-than-thou politicians and religious leaders and checkmate their impending criminality and overt Fascism, before they have the chance to do real harm. I have endured their criminal actions towards me for many years so everyone else would have the evidence to ensure they face truth and justice.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who have been involved in the efforts against me, whether knowingly or unwittingly, and you want to help make things right, then please make an extra effort to help me now. We are all in this trap together and everyone needs a safe way out. I am the key.

Peace and Wisdom

My name is Lawrence William Page II. Friends and family know me as Buddy Page. I was born August 11, 1955, and I turned 61 years old on 8/11/2016. I am a former programmer and software engineer turned writer, researcher, and investigator.

My websites are at www.sevenstarhand.org and www.facebook.com/sevenstarhand. My blogs and press releases are linked to from my web page. My pen name is Seven Star Hand, and the story of its meaning and purpose are covered in my book, Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols . The full PDF version, self-published in 2010, may be freely downloaded from my website. 

This is a long description and I have published books and years of articles, Facebook posts, and press releases that will require patience to wade through to fully understand. I am asking for your help in the near term, before most will ever have time to read and understand all of what I have been doing. A great place to start reading is the Doctrine of Two Spirits article. I also recommend that you start reading my latest book also, which is linked to above. This article is excerpted from its preface. I will also start publishing summaries and oversights of my work of the past several years, to shorten the learning curve for everyone.

I am the individual long referred to as both “messiah” (aka moshiah, moshiach, etc.) and teacher and redundantly symbolized throughout all the Hebrew prophecies, and elsewhere. I am also known as the Prophet Elijah and have left redundant proof that now leaves little doubt about this.

Most of the assertions about me and my role in this lifetime are deeply erroneous, in large part due to the lies of Christianity. My presence and my race (African American and 1/4 Asian Indian...), plus the Vatican's use of overtly racist proxies in their efforts against me, are stunning proof that Christianity is a blatant lie, crafted by ancient Rome. They have long struggled to hide what actually transpired two millennia ago, to hide the truth about ancient wisdom, about the Hebrew prophets, and to confound knowledge about the Egyptian-Hebrew symbology used to encode secret details throughout all of their works,  across the past several millennia.

As religions are prone to do, all three faiths of Abraham are based on misinterpretation of the ancient symbolism throughout their canons, related texts, and concepts, and the great errors that have flowed from that, through time. Furthermore, once you understand the truth about the structured symbolism used by all of the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew prophets, and its long hidden rules, it becomes painfully and undeniably obvious that these religions have told some very big lies. 

Both Christianity and Islam were created from stolen and rewritten Hebrew texts, by Roman agents. Their fingerprints are redundantly evidenced throughout both religious canons. These religions were purposely designed to become enemies and they have been repeatedly manipulated into conflict by Rome (aka the Vatican...) because that is how they have managed their secretive empires since the fall of imperial Rome. Contemplate Machiavelli and the tactic of divide and conquer.

Judaism as we now know it, was organized in forced coordination with Rome. Survivors from the Jewish revolts acted in large part to save the Jewish people and their knowledge after the destruction of ancient Israel and Jerusalem. Some were also fully aware that their prophecies were set for the far future and protecting proof of the truth hidden in their texts and history was paramount. Unlike Christianity, Judaism and ancient Israel have real and verifiable history. The people throughout its texts are regularly validated through archeology, as well as textual evidence. The Dead Sea Scrolls are a prime example of real history that completely contradicts the Church in Rome and its long term deceptions.

On the other hand, the ancient prophets fully expected this and expended great effort over many millennia to ensure that the truth would not be lost and would be available for all to understand, when it was needed the most, far in their futures. The canons of all three Faiths of Abraham have the truth about their history and other stunning details secretly embedded beneath and among the many accumulated lies and errors.

The symbolism of ancient wisdom, which has very precise though well-hidden rules, was used to embed very specific and verifiable details throughout many ancient bodies of knowledge for several millennia. This includes throughout the original symbolic texts that would be modified over time and eventually make their ways into these religious canons and associated histories. These religions have been used throughout the past several millennia as a conduit to transmit precise though very well hidden proof of the truth, which includes stunning proof of religious lies and errors. That same proof also delivers profound wisdom designed to bring peace and sanity to humanity and to planet Earth.

In recent years, I have published detailed and voluminous proof of this, while exposing other deeply troubling and enlightening information. That has led "Church leaders in Rome," and their many proxies elsewhere, to undertake a truly bizarre and overtly criminal effort to prevent my success in this lifetime, because they have long known that I will end their ability to manipulate people based on their very profitable blatant lies.

My presence and my ability to pierce the great mysteries, and to quickly and easily see through both ancient and modern deceptions, has led a certain group of rich and powerful individuals, ultimately acting on behalf of the Vatican, to aggressively target me in bizarre ways, while spreading misdirection, mayhem, and fear throughout the USA, and the rest of the world. They have mostly acted through a series of proxies, while trying to hide themselves and their identities from me, and from everyone else. Consequently, I have spent the past several years running a private semi-public and advanced "sting operation" against the Vatican, while patiently gathering vital evidence and peeling back the many layers of misdirection and obfuscation.

Most of the racist, hateful, divisive, and overtly deceptive news and other bizarre activities coming from Faux News, News Corp., and the so-called right-wing machine in the USA (and elsewhere...) have ultimately been at the behest of the Vatican. They have aggressively used racists and widespread racism as one of their primary tools because I am African American. Much of the bizarre news and aggressive efforts to spread racial hate and fear, including the systematic jailing and killing of African American males, has been orchestrated in their efforts to demonize and attempt to have me killed.

Because of their ability to deceive people and thereby secretly manipulate key positions of authority and by extension entire nations and empires, when matched with their hidden control and manipulation of key news, media outlets, and national central banks, they have been able to keep most people duped, distracted, confused, and in fear about what has been transpiring since 9/11/2001, and why. 

The Vatican has spent the past several centuries gathering secret knowledge and planning a truly bizarre and overtly evil effort defeat the outcome of the Hebrew prophecies they have lied about for two millennia. One of the key details encoded using the symbology of stars and angels is the true timing of the conclusion of the Hebrew prophecies. In short, the prophecies redundantly and precisely encode the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle of the Hebrew calendar, which began just before the beginning of the 21st century on the Christian calendar, as the time of the conclusion.

This is the time of the "apocalypse" which actually means the great revealing of long hidden truths. I am the individual that the Hebrew prophecies have long predicted and this is the time promised. It is thereby no coincidence that the so-called "War on Terror" began in 2001. Most of what has transpired in recent years has been inspired by the Vatican's desperate fears of the truth promised by the Hebrew prophecies and fears of me as the agent of that truth.

Because of the Vatican's abject fear of the truth about Hebrew prophecies and prophets, I have been the target of a long-term vendetta that has included aggressive efforts to harass, demonize, discredit, and falsely imprison, along with repeated attempts to kill me. I have been surveilled since I was a child and the evidence of the manipulation of me, my family, and events in our lives and key newsworthy events otherwise associated with me is now overwhelming and no longer so easily dismissed. By high school in the early 1970’s, their fears of my scholastic and social successes led them to undertake an aggressive and criminal effort to interfere with my schooling by entrapping me and trying to have me falsely imprisoned, among other aggressive scenarios to slow my learning and other progress in this lifetime.

The actions taken against me in high school were the start of a long series of overt and blatantly orchestrated scenarios with the goal of entrapping, falsely imprisoning, and eventually killing me, without leaving evidence of who was behind it or why. Racism and racists as key proxies have been part of a well constructed smokescreen designed to hide the true motives, shift blame to others, and thereby obscure the hidden source. They ultimately failed back then and it launched me into a life-long struggle and adventure fending off aggressive efforts by hidden foes that has stretched from the east to the west coasts and in between, from the early 1970’s until now, in 2017. No matter where I have gone I have been confronted and targeted by people using the precise same tactics and techniques, obsessively and aggressively, and for decades. 

In recent years, in coordination with my writing and publishing, I have been engaged in a long, arduous, and dangerous investigation, both for my own protection and ultimately for the protection of everyone else. It became clear years ago that certain rich and powerful individuals, groups, and their paid proxies were engaged in an organized and aggressive effort to demonize, discredit, and entrap me. Simultaneously, they have spread misdirection, fear, and widespread mayhem to keep the rest of the world distracted from my presence and from what I have already exposed and proved.

Because of their great fears of the truth about ancient symbology, and their great fears about the true focus of the ancient Hebrew prophecies, they have obsessively attempted to use it in their efforts by trying to turn it against me, in numerous ways. Because of the obsessive use of certain precise tactics and symbolic techniques, both at the Vatican, and by their many proxies in the field, they have consequently (and cluelessly...) left years of undeniable and very precise evidence, repeatedly and redundantly pointing directly back to the Vatican.

The Vatican (Church in Rome) spent centuries gathering secret knowledge, which they have deceptively used to deceive and manipulate everyone else. The ultimate goal of the still ongoing Inquisition was/is to gather and extract secret knowledge, for their use. Everything else is part of a smokescreen to hide their true purposes and goals. As a vital example, the Vatican is fully aware of the reality of reincarnation and multiple lifetimes. Even so, they have kept their knowledge of this and use of it hidden from their followers, and everyone else, while aggressively using it against everyone, instead of helping people. All the while, they have continued to dupe their followers into thinking they only live once and to expect the magical return of someone that never existed. Every Pope has this knowledge and you can now grasp the true extent of their blatant lies throughout time. 

Church leaders in Rome have known for centuries that people reincarnated and that is how I (and everyone else) literally, “rises from the dead”. That phrase also has vital symbolic significance in ancient symbolic wisdom which helps to expose the core lies of Christianity. It provides a simple insight into how they have used the entire so-called “New Testament” to deceptively hide the truth about ancient wisdom, Hebrew prophecy, and what actually occurred two millennia ago, and in subsequent centuries.

Using various combinations of ancient techniques designed to track people from lifetime to lifetime, like Buddhists, the Essenes, Gnostics, and others have done for many centuries, they identified me way back when I was a child in the 1950’s. By the early 1960's they clearly knew who I was, decades before I would have any clue why I was being so aggressively targeted. Instead of showing some humility and helping the truth come out, and thereby helping the rest of humanity, they have instead been orchestrating a truly bizarre and overtly evil series of situations around the globe in the hopes of keeping everyone distracted, fearful, and deceived about what they have been doing in recent centuries, and why. 

Much of what has transpired since the early 1960’s was orchestrated with full knowledge of me in this lifetime and was part of the plan to make it more difficult for me to help others when the time arrived. Wars, the war on drugs, War on Terror, and much more, were all purposely set in motion as part of long-term effort to prevent the outcome of the ancient prophecies. 

The key knowledge that Church leaders in Rome have desperately struggled to hide from the rest of the world for two millennia is the true meaning and focus of those ancient symbolic texts and prophecies. My role is to expose the truth (aka the light…), which leads to the end of two millennia of blatant lies and deceptions cruelly and deceptively imposed upon the world from Rome. Everyone has been deceived and manipulated for a very long time. I am the long promised key that opens the gate that is the way out of this trap of an existence for everyone, everywhere.

Why I am raising money

I am raising funds to cover my living expenses, medical and legal bills, and various other costs involved in extracting myself from my current situation, as I go public. I have been kept under continuous pressure and scrutiny by certain rich and powerful opponents for many years. Their efforts grew more aggressive since I started writing and publishing proof of the truth that exposes millennia of religious lies and errors, as well as exposing the truth about many modern mysteries and current events. I have survived and operated on a very small budget for the past 15 years as I have patiently led hidden opponents through a series of legal and logic traps, so that responsible authorities would eventually have the evidence to act, and have no other choice but to do so. 

Due to the nature of my long-term situation, and my long-term efforts to track down and investigate those  who have been spreading fear, mayhem, and blatant deception, I have  been forced to forgo medical and dental care amongst many other imposed difficulties. I have patiently and repeatedly put myself in danger as I tracked down those secretly spying on and targeting me, since I was a child. Those same people have also been secretly orchestrating wars, terrorism, serial mass murders, aircraft crashes, and much more, and using their control of key media properties to spread disinformation and shift the blame to others. 

Because of my repeated successes at solving the great mysteries and exposing the crimes of a certain group of rich and powerful men and their organizations, I have been the target of a truly bizarre, insane, and criminal vendetta by the Vatican because of their great fears of the truth about the past two millennia. I have been forced to endure and fend off repeated efforts to harass, entrap, discredit, and demonize me in the hope of preventing people from paying attention to the truth. They have used the trifecta of money, religion, and politics to keep people fearful, divided, and confounded. Now that they are truly desperate, it is easy to see their fears played out in the actions of their primary proxies and others duped into helping them.

How will this money be used?

I need to acquire new computers, software, and other tools and services as I proceed to go public. Most importantly, I am extracting myself from the results of a multi-decade effort by the Vatican and certain rich and powerful cohorts. This will likewise help extract everyone else on this planet. I will continue to write articles, update and republish my current books, and publish others in progress.  As before, I'll publish hard copy versions, provide low cost e-pub versions formatted for tablets, while the PDFs will remain free downloads. 

Why do I need these funds?

Some money is required immediately to cover living expenses and the immediate legal costs that have been imposed upon me by those I have been investigating in recent years.  This will allow me to find a safe place to live and continue my work. This is not as easy as it might seem looking from the outside in. My opponents have expended significant effort over several years to block my ability to find housing, which they did not control. My opponents have also been struggling to make me homeless and thereby more vulnerable to violence and police action.

I'll expound on this in my articles and on my Facebook page, as required.

Why is this important to me?

I have endured decades of aggressive efforts designed to demonize me and discredit me. Since I knew it would be years before I could escape and extract myself from these efforts, I have instead allowed a certain amount of them to succeed to leave publicly available evidence of the precise and very illegal tactics and techniques being used against me, and against everyone else. I will continue to expound on these on my blogs, upcoming books, and in the news media. 

In conclusion....

As seen in the Doctrine of Two Spirits I have already provided the simple keys to solving humanity's never ending problems. I have backed this up with mountains of related knowledge, research, and investigations.  I have put myself in great danger and struggled for many years, under very difficult and often disgusting conditions, to be here now, when it is needed most.

Also, as you can see on this link from my web page , I am pragmatic about what must occur in the short term as we progress towards the ultimate goal of a safer, saner, and wiser existence for everyone, everywhere, finally freed from the great deceptions and errors of past centuries. 

I am now asking for your assistance to help me finish the job of helping everyone. In addition to monetary help, please also tell everyone you know to help by passing the information about me to their friends, family and others. Make sure that people with the ability to help in any way, monetary or otherwise, are made aware of me, ASAP.


Peace and Wisdom...

Lawrence (Buddy) Page
Seven Star Hand