Sunday, June 29, 2008

As Tempests Rage before Balances False, Again

The news for humanity will only get worse until we collectively decide enough is enough...
Only arrogant fools knowingly bet against a proven prophet...

Now you can better understand the many strange events of the last several years. The Vatican and Bush administration have been actively fighting against the Messiah (and all others who speak truth to power). Their efforts to kill Truth and Justice have failed and now they know that their end is nigh !!!

It's too bad the rest of humanity is suffering from the blowback caused by the so-called leaders we foolishly permit to remain in power as their greed-fueled folly continues to destroy human civilization, our environment, climate, and myriad species. Now we have indications that these evil halfwits are actually preparing to plunge the USA and Middle East into another war in Iran.

Surely, with Congress failing to end this madness, it should be glaringly obvious by now that democracy and politics are merely delusional accommodations with evil. If the USA starts another war in that region, the blowback will be terrible and beyond belief. The Creator will not intervene to save the USA or Israel and a true "hell on earth" will ensue. Will the citizens of the USA and our useless Congress act before these fools try to initiate the fanciful Battle of Armageddon ?

Isn't it astounding that yet another war looms after George Bush, aka Mabus, has two very odd conclaves with the current Pope, aka Glory of the Olives, less than two months apart? Oh, and where is Dick Cheney, aka Big Time, these days? Up to his elbows in the blood of innocents, and seeking even more, it seems.

The following symbolic narrative (prophecy) was included at the end of the Cease and Desist order that I posted worldwide in April-May of 2006. Here's more stunning proof that scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly.

As Tempests Rage Before Balances False...

Peace Now or else !!!

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