Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Of Tasers, Skull and Bones, and so-called freedom of speech

The time for civility is long past. To manhandle and then taser-torture a student for asking questions, no matter how inconvenient, is evil, pure and simple. What's next, bombing neighborhoods in the USA because someone deemed subversive lives nearby?

We have witnessed more pivotal insights into the true nature of the Bush/Cheney crew, their cohorts, and long-term deceptions in recent days. The young man tasered in Florida was brutally punished for questioning the secret cabal that has turned our entire world into a plutocracy-driven police state.

Is true freedom only for those atop the pyramid? Is the USA's constitution nothing more than an "Illuminated" deception? Sadly, all of the available evidence seems to prove it!

It's no longer about politics and left and right. Truth and Justice are just beginning to stand on their own two feet and all of the deceivers, on the left, right, and in between are getting very nervous.

Next time you think of those on the left or right as enemies, contemplate Machiavelli and why the plutocrats and their shills want us "little people" to keep fighting over money, politics, and religion. Keep digging for the truth, much is purposely hidden behind apparently obvious "facts" and traditions. For example, read my previous posting.

Here is Wisdom...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Why Bush used 36, in last night's speech!!

Don't reach for the tin foil hat just yet. This is a demonstration of the truth about our Skull and Bones President and cohorts. This information will be hard to swallow for most, but the bitter truth very often is!

Want to know the true significance of the number 36 in Bush's speech? There obviously are not 36 countries fighting in "Babble on." So why did our Bonesman President use it in his speech last night?

36 is the triangular number base for 666.
Now read what I posted BEFORE Bush's speech, yesterday

Merely a coincidence? I think I have proven otherwise!!!

Is the USA and our vaunted constitution nothing more than an "Illuminated" deception? All the available evidence seems to prove it. Here are some additional insights...

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

The birth of the USA is symbolized in verse 13:11 in Revelation. Notice that the USA started as 13 colonies in year '76 and 7+6=13? Notice that July 4th or 7/4 is the celebrated birthday and 7+4=11? See how this directly matches the numbering of verse 13:11? Likewise, 1+7+7+6=21 and 21 is a triangular number that is the sum of the whole numbers 1 through 6. Consequently, it forms an equilateral triangle with three 6-point sides, hence another symbolic representation of 666. Notice that last night's speech was at 9 PM Eastern, which is hour 21 on the 24 hour clock? Any chance in hell that these are mere coincidences by a Skull and Bones president, leading a nation created by Masons, with the Illuminati pyramid on our seal and the one dollar bill?

Pay close attention to the image of both hypocrisy and deception presented by this symbolism. What current empire (beast) acts like a dragon (Babylonian inspired false god/idol) in sheep's (like a lamb) clothing?

Understanding the truth about 666


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Latest Neo-con follies quickly exposed...

To understand the true source of these latest odd "Al Qaeda" video releases, all you need to ask is:
Who do they benefit the most? Can you say Neo-Cons?

Which is the real Osama?

It is very curious that the US released the first of these Bin Laden videos before Al Qaeda did! Very curious indeed!! Likewise, other people have pointed out that all references to recent events come during the still frames. And of course there's the morphing face of Osama. Is he having periodic plastic surgery or is this simply another actor trying to keep the Neo-Con wet dream alive? And why is it that the US government can get these videos so quickly, yet supposedly can't find Osama and crew?

Right on cue, "Al Qaeda" releases another video, precisely when Bush/Cheney and cohorts need to scare Congress into towing the neo-con line on the Iraq war. Notice also that releasing the first video before 9/11 AND before the Petraeus-Crocker "sales call" to Congress benefits only Bush/Cheney and cohorts! Now another tape has been released. Perhaps they think they can get it right this time?

How often must this occur before both the Democrats and corporate media outlets are forced to start asking some hard questions about the uncanny timing and synchronicity between Bush/Cheney and crew's political needs and Al Qaeda's videos and other activities.

How many more unlikely coincidences are necessary before more people discern a strong pattern in the noise?