Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Latest Neo-con follies quickly exposed...

To understand the true source of these latest odd "Al Qaeda" video releases, all you need to ask is:
Who do they benefit the most? Can you say Neo-Cons?

Which is the real Osama?

It is very curious that the US released the first of these Bin Laden videos before Al Qaeda did! Very curious indeed!! Likewise, other people have pointed out that all references to recent events come during the still frames. And of course there's the morphing face of Osama. Is he having periodic plastic surgery or is this simply another actor trying to keep the Neo-Con wet dream alive? And why is it that the US government can get these videos so quickly, yet supposedly can't find Osama and crew?

Right on cue, "Al Qaeda" releases another video, precisely when Bush/Cheney and cohorts need to scare Congress into towing the neo-con line on the Iraq war. Notice also that releasing the first video before 9/11 AND before the Petraeus-Crocker "sales call" to Congress benefits only Bush/Cheney and cohorts! Now another tape has been released. Perhaps they think they can get it right this time?

How often must this occur before both the Democrats and corporate media outlets are forced to start asking some hard questions about the uncanny timing and synchronicity between Bush/Cheney and crew's political needs and Al Qaeda's videos and other activities.

How many more unlikely coincidences are necessary before more people discern a strong pattern in the noise?