Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Western Death Wish

The more I speak to various people, the more it sinks in that there is something deeply psychotic with the western mindset, even more so than I already suspected. Those enamored by money, religion, and politics stubbornly refuse to even consider that their opinions about these things might be wrong. What can you say about people who value their own opinions and psychotic stubbornness more than the struggle and suffering of billions.

I am amazed that so many people can observe the great level of deception that has been exposed of late and the great size of the unfolding derivatives and banking debacles and still conclude that money, banking, and credit are the solutions to the problem. A perfect case in point is demonstrated at the Web of Debt blog and web site. Following are my latest comments, cleaned up slightly, to the latest article there.

Credit is slavery-by-proxy, just as money is. The more you continue insisting that people remain enslaved by credit, the more it becomes obvious that there is something deeply sinister about your proposals. How can a people remain so deeply rooted to a concept that undeniably results in the struggle and suffering of billions of people and the destruction of all life?

Sooner than you expect, “Americans” are going to need the help of those you stubbornly refuse to help. After all that has transpired, you still stick to the same old banking and credit song. Why is that? Why is it so hard to discern the great harm that this system has caused? Simply saying that you don’t “believe” that money is evil doesn’t help anyone. Look at the evidence! The following native American saying explains it simply…

Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

The entire concept of money greatly complicates the process of life and civilization. Credit and banking simply throw fuel to the fire that destroys life everywhere. Is this truly so hard to discern? Why are so many “westerners” so stubbornly refusing to admit that they have been duped and/or are willing enablers of a blatantly evil concept and global system?

There is something very, very wrong here…


Sorry Ellen, but terrible times breed difficult decisions. This is not a time of business as usual and you and others have greatly underestimated the scope and nature of the dangers that now face us all. This is the death knell of western civilization, but it need not be the end of all westerners.

Are you truly incapable of discerning that the American dream has already been killed and the grotesque debts and unfolding debacles are so large that an unstoppable reckoning is now looming large? These problems are far too large to be solved by money alone and rearranging deck chairs has never saved a doomed ship. The so-called bailouts serve the sole purpose of letting the perps escape before the big crash proves the truth in a way that can't be denied.

How bad must it get before it dawns on some people that this great country has always been a great deception and you are little more than a slave to that deception? What will stop even worse from happening in the future if we ignore the source of the problem and simply bow down to another money master? Who will pay off debts that are too large to be repaid? How will we solve that problem without others imposing solutions that are far more terrible than you seem to imagine. Here is a word to the wise. As I stated elsewhere recently:

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

It is the requirement of money, which is a system, not the stuff you hold in your hand, that is the great problem. Greed is the root of all evil and money is the most effective way to impose greed as a way of life. Anything that is good and necessary can be done easier and wiser without the great complexity and increased difficulty that money imposes upon society and civilization. As soon as you add credit to the mix, then people are loaded down with an additional burden, that need not exist. That burden is both extortion and exploitation, hence the term usury. When money is imposed, as it is, credit is simply piling on to the difficulty of life.

There is only so much potential in any system and civilization is a system. When most of that potential is sucked away by money and all that it spawns and multiplies, what happens to the needs of the living? Now the problem is greatly increased by astronomical debt and deception. Not only has the national debt ballooned far beyond what is being publicly acknowledged, but corporate debt is far, far greater. These multi-trillion dollar bailout figures are now part of the national debt, which will have at least tripled under the Bush regime. This all exists because people have cluelessly acquiesced to the fallacies of money and credit and trusted to those who manipulate them from the shadows.

The imposition of money and credit is evil, pure and simple. Must [certain] Americans learn the hard way that no nation or empire can last forever? What happens when those we have enslaved and oppressed via these great deceptions, while refusing to recognize the truth after all that has already transpired, get the upper hand? Why will they treat you any better than they have been treated? Why is this so difficult to discern?

A super-volcano eruption will end the American empire, quickly and nastily. The resulting ice-age will encase the northern hemisphere. Others will see this as a divine intervention and won't be so blind as to why. Whether true or not, that will be the accepted conclusion. Let those who brought evil upon others and refused to stop in the face of unfolding calamities now eat what they have wrought. Is this what you and others secretly desire for yourselves and your loved ones?

Pay very close attention to who is speaking to you and what I have been warning of in recent years. It has all come about as promised and there is not much time left. This is no time to scoff in the face of profundity. This is an unequivocal warning to you and your readers. I am trying to save you also. The worst case scenarios need not occur. Terrible things are about to unfold unless you change paths now...

Likewise, no one will help you unless you change paths now...


It is long past time to realize that some in this country are so misguided that they don't seem to care what happens to others, as long as their sacred cows and current comforts are protected. Though I expected to encounter widespread resistance, this has been sickening. I often feel that I am wasting my time trying to help people that are so deeply wed to concepts that are undeniably destroying all life. The time is coming quickly for a sad, sad, end to this mess.

I am deeply disgusted to the point that I now crave for many westerners, what so many seem to sub-consciously wish for themselves. I know this is wrong and a sad response. At least I tried to help you avoid hurting yourselves and others. You still have a little time remaining to prove that you are not permanently stuck on stupid.

Here is Wisdom !!!

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