Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Iraq War Card, Yellow-Cake, and Big Time Lies

Greetings Class,

Here are your required reading assignments:
The Center for Public Integrity's - Iraq: The War Card
The pivotal import of Yellow Cake, False Flags, & "Big Time" Evil

Now please be seated and listen up! The lectures will now commence...

The combination of the Center for Public Integrity's "Iraq: The War Card" research, George Tenet's book, At the Center of the Storm, Eisner & Royce's The Italian Letter, and the books and research of many others in recent years now provide enough of a foundation for everyone to finally discern that 9:11 was a "false flag" operation against both the American public and the Muslim world. Notice how the Bush/Cheney crew and cohorts ruthlessly profited from these events and the resulting wars and how they were ready and prepared to do so, even before 9:11?

Likewise, the uncanny synchronicity of Al Qaeda's videos and other activities, perfectly timed to reinforce and support the Bush/Cheney administration's political needs, coupled with the actions of the Bush admin actually serving to strengthen Al Qaeda's position, now makes perfect sense. The apparent mistakes and chaos that have characterized the Iraq war, the easily prevented resurgence of the Taliban, and permitting Bin Laden to escape Tora Bora to a safe haven in Pakistan all fit the same pattern.

It's hard to maintain a state of continuous war if you allow your made-to-order enemies to be defeated too early. It is likewise hard to remain a "War President" if your wars end too soon!

What they knew and when they knew it!

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