Thursday, September 25, 2008

Money Karma comes home to roost

Be patient and read what I have been saying for insights into another way to manage this civilization, without money and without evil cabals running this world.

It will soon become painfully obvious, to even the most clueless, that it will be far easier to step away from the deceptions of the past (money, religion, and politics) and finally fix our civilization, so it works for everyone, not just for a self-chosen and abominably greedy few. Why should humanity struggle and suffer any longer to repay massive debts and endure great debacles created by amazingly greedy and deceptive monetary and political leaders? Are you familiar with the ancient concept of a Jubilee? It's time has come, and the power of the rich and arrogant is about to be blown away on the winds of long-overdue and irresistible change.

As I have earlier and repeatedly asserted, financial and political leaders have been struggling mightily to hide the full extent of the problems with the world's financial systems and economies. Now their efforts are failing miserably and in full view of the entire world. Read the following article and its links:
As tempests rage before balances false, again.

If you still have any doubts about the accuracy of my prophecies and warnings that the world economy would collapse at a very specific time, in the very near future, pay close attention to current events and those of recent months. A prime example is the August 11, 2007 (also my birthday) article, similarly titled:
As tempests rage before balances false...

Notice that an unbroken string of the last seven tropical storms and hurricanes have all hit the USA? Notice that the unraveling of the financial system is causing a great uproar around the world? Thereby, both definitions of "tempests" are now in play, as well as the symbolic meanings of "wind," "rain," "hail", "floods", etc. Furthermore, notice that several major financial institutions have gone bust and that both great greed and deception (injustices) were involved. See how this directly matches multiple meanings of "balances false," to include both the scales of justice and the balance sheets of these companies and the world economy? I'll expound further on the functionality of symbolic prophecy in an upcoming article, but this should provide some significant insights into their true nature. In the interim, download my E-book(s) and decipher the symbology in these narratives for some truly stunning revelations.

Next, pay close attention to the content, context, and timing of the following two articles.

Tornado Karma Illuminates Union University
The Sacred Pomp's wings are now stubble...

Next, notice that Hurricane Ike came ashore in Texas on September 13th and 9+1+3=13? Now pay attention to the date, content, and context of the following article.
Say woe, woe, woe, to serpents wings by 13.

These narratives are purposely symbolic to prove the point I have been making in recent years; that the religions used by world leaders to gain power from duped and deluded followers are purposeful deceptions. I have comprehensively proven that the symbology of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that long-predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, this is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. Not only have these leaders deceived billions based on these religions, but the deception also includes the concepts of money and politics. In fact, money, religion, and politics are all three purposeful and interdependent Machiavellian deceptions.

Have you noticed the hunted/haunted look in the eyes of our so-called leaders of late? President Bush's recent assertions that the economy was strong and sound were obviously blatant lies, since he and his cabinet have been fully aware of the truth for quite some time. They have been desperately trying to delay the currently unfolding debacle until after the election. Much of their current great desperation flows directly from the understanding that Truth and Justice are standing just outside their door, and knocking hard. A sky-darkening flock of chickens (locusts...) have come home to roost and our greedy, arrogant, and deceptive monetary and political leaders and cohorts understand that the long-promised end of their power and riches is now at hand !!!

Karma can be a bitch when truth and justice have been so thoroughly trampled, and for so long. Those "atop the pyramid" are just beginning to taste Her great displeasure at the great greed and injustices that the world's economic and financial systems have long caused and perpetuated. Now is the time to "hold their feet to the fire" and take the reigns of our civilization away from these evil, duplicitous scoundrels. Anyone who still thinks that money and imposed usury (credit, speculation, etc.) are wise and just ways to manage civilization is suffering from strong delusion and Stockholm syndrome.

Humanity has long been duped, exploited, and forced into accepting the great deceptions of money and banking. The deceptions of the so-called Federal Reserve System, which is neither federal nor has any reserves, is about to come crashing down under the weight of its own greed and excesses. At long last, this blatantly evil financial system and economy is in the process of an inexorable implosion. The unraveling and death throes of this massive smoke and mirrors system will make Enron look like child's play.

The mess created in recent decades by the so-called Reagan revolution and greatly magnified by the Neo-cons and greedy cohorts is about to plunge the entire world into a great, paradigm-shifting debacle. Though the GOP and Reagan administration bear a large percentage of the blame for the explosion of greed that has characterized most of the last three decades, one must never forget that money and capitalism have been at the core of the USA and its many evil deeds, even before its official conception. The great evils perpetrated to build a world empire founded on greed, deception, and massive exploitation are now coming full circle, and with a vengeance. This is the long-awaited opportunity to finally "kill the beast" and kick all the bums out, forever.

Here is Wisdom...


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