Thursday, September 11, 2008

Money is the lifeblood of the powerful and the chains and key to human enslavement

The first version of this article was published September, 11, 2006. It is updated and republished now, because the time has doubled and arrogant deceivers are still being allowed to continue destroying this planet.

Here's some pivotal knowledge (wisdom) so you and others can stop focusing on symptoms and obfuscatory details and home in like a laser on the root causes of and solutions to humanity's seemingly never-ending struggles.

There is a radical and highly effective solution to all of our economic problems that will dramatically simplify, streamline, and revitalize human civilization. It will eliminate all poverty, homelessness, debt, and the vast majority of crime, material inequality, deception, and injustice. It will also eliminate the underlying causes of most conflicts, while preventing evil scoundrels and their cabals from deceiving, deluding, and bedeviling humanity, ever again. It will likewise eliminate the primary barriers to solving global warming, pollution, and the many evils that result from corporate greed and their control of natural and societal resources. That solution is to simply eliminate money from the human equation, thereby replacing the current system of greed, exploitation, and institutionalized coercion with freewill cooperation, just laws based on verifiable wisdom, and societal goals targeted at benefiting all, not just a self-chosen and abominably greedy few.

By making everything free and eliminating all of the current barriers and negatives to participating in society, all of the complexities of economics, finance, employment, job creation, and myriad other chronic difficulties will cease to exist. Once we wisely end the existence and requirement of money and decide to simply cooperate to make all things free, then and only then will there be justice for all people. When money is banished from the earth, the primary cause and incentive to harm others for profit or survival will finally cease to exist.

In this model of civilization, there would be no numerically quantifiable medium of exchange such as money, gold, or any so-called store of value. Instead, the exchange for freely participating will be a life where everything is free, where life is dramatically simpler and more rewarding, where crime is practically nonexistent, where people don't die in droves because they are denied access to money, and where it pays untold benefits to simply be helpful and cooperative instead of selfish and competitive. In this societal model, freely cooperating while sharing knowledge and wisdom will be the key to benefiting everyone and constantly improving life for all. Furthermore, life will be simpler and vastly more positive when we focus on effectively sharing the material aspects and products of civilization, instead of the greed, materialism, selfishness, and hoarding that are inherent to and characteristic of any civilization based on money, profit and the myriad negatives they cause, cultivate, magnify, and perpetuate.

We can now thank millennia of monetary, political, and religious leaders for proving, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that money-driven top-down hierarchical governance is absolute folly and foolishness. Even representative democracy, that great promise of the past, was easily and readily subverted to enslave us all, thanks to money and those that secretly control and deceptively manipulate all currencies and economies. Is there any doubt anymore that entrusting money and politics to solve humanity's problems is folly and delusion of the highest order? Is there any doubt that permitting political and corporate leaders to control the lives of billions has resulted in great evil?

Here's a real hot potato! Eat it up, digest it, and then feed it's bones to the hungry...

Most people have no idea that the common-denominator math of all the world's currencies forms an endless loop that generates debt faster than we can ever generate the value to pay for it. This obscured and purposeful math-logic trap at the center of all banking, currencies, and economies is the root cause of poverty. Add to this the many layers of usury, deception, and greed and it should be clear that people are struggling, suffering, and dying, not because they are lazy or stupid, but because humanity has been duped into supporting and participating in blatant evil and great injustice. Those who rule this world through fear and deception strive constantly to hide this fact, while pretending to seek solutions to poverty and human struggle. Any who would scoff at this analysis have simply failed to do the math or open their eyes (and hearts) to the plight of millions upon millions victimized by the deception and exploitation that money, banking, and rampant speculation represent.

Visualize money and its myriad required activities, complexities, and negative results as a variable on both sides of an equation or ratio. To simplify the equation and discern the common denominators of life and civilization, simply remove money to see that life will be much wiser and easier without money. When viewed dispassionately and analyzed mathematically, it is clear to see that the imposed requirement of money and all the complexity and negatives that accompany its presence, purposeful shortage, and deceptive structure are burdens that a truly wise and just civilization could never truthfully justify.

Consequently, it is irrefutable that this civilization is blatantly and verifiably based on purposeful, well-sculpted, and institutionalized deception, coercion, and exploitation. Poverty and most despair, struggle, and suffering are purposely caused as fear-based whips to force the human herd to generate profits for those whose deeds and results can truthfully be described as abominably evil. The time is long-overdue to change the human equation and put an end to the root causes of most injustice and suffering.

When reading the various discussions about how to end poverty and solving the world's money and resource problems, most people focus on how to change the nature of, or the availability of money. Very few ever consider that the problem is not how much money you have or don't have, nor is it related to the type of money (or other related mediums of exchange) you use. In fact, it is easily demonstrated that one of the root causes of our entire civilization's never-ending and great struggles is that we are using money at all. Furthermore, if money were simply eliminated and we instead cooperated with each other and turned away from the evil cabals that control all money (read: the Vatican, its plutocratic secret-society cohorts, and their long-term international deceptions) then, and only then, will all of this never-ending struggle and blatant evil finally subside.

When the full scope of human civilization is analyzed, it becomes abundantly clear that its pillars are money, religion, and politics. Of the three, money is by far the most important because politics and religion rely on it for existence. All three are great deceptions (strong lies and delusions) secretly managed by the Vatican and its secret society cohorts. This fact has been expertly hidden over the last two centuries. Money, religion and politics are Machiavellian deceptions whose common purpose is mass exploitation. Very few people understand that all three are tightly synchronized and interdependent logic traps. Consequently, to continue trying to win at such long-term and highly developed shell (and shill) games is absolute folly. Until we turn away from such obvious delusions, humanity's great struggles and suffering will never end.

The time is long overdue to wake-up and prove to these duplicitous scoundrels that you are only temporary marks and dupes.

Want to see the symbol for the tri-part endless loop and logic-trap that such a three-part Machiavellian delusion forms? Ever seen a Triquetra ( and here)? Pay very close attention to its visual relationship to 666, the most famous of all triangular numbers.

Now consider how money, religion, and politics are inseparable because of the deceptive and inescapable trap (bottomless pit) they form.

It should now be abundantly clear that imposing money upon the entire world and then forcing people to participate in usury, pay taxes, compounding interest on national debts, and then to struggle their lives away for the sake of money, is extortion and great injustice on a grand scale. To cause suffering and despair for profit on such a grand scale can only be described as abominably evil. The time has finally arrived to demand a full accounting from the Papacy, Vatican, and all of their cohorts and chief supporters. They have no right to cause such overwhelming despair and suffering for millennia. They have no right to deceive practically everyone on such a grand scale. Why do our national leaders conspire with them and participate in such great evil while pretending to serve the Creator? Why do people still have blind faith in such obvious deceivers and their deceptions while they continue perpetrating such widespread and horrendous evil and abominations?

We are all trapped in a web of deception woven with money, religion, and politics. The great evils that bedevil us all will never cease until humanity finally awakens, shakes off these strong delusions, and forges a new path to the future.

Here is Wisdom !!

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