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Musings on the "God Particle" and Related Cosmology

Looks like I am continuing the informal series of using my comments on other blogs and discussions as content on my blogs. DK Matai initiated another interesting discussion on Holistic Quantum Relativity (HQR) titled The "God Particle" - Higgs Boson .

Following is my long reply, since this is a subject I have actively mused and thought-tested in recent years. I'm looking forward to expounding further, after other projects are finished, but this is a sample of things to come.

Hi DK, very good subject you posed,

Now some questions for the group merging Socrates mindset and Einstein's thought experimentation.

If particles are merely one perception of the underlying waveforms that give rise to space-time realities, which themselves are merely manifestations of underlying data and rules, what is most important; understanding the underlying rules or spending billions to smash apart atomic components to find something that is little more than a limited perception of reality, which is based on underlying rules, patterns of data, and the resulting waveforms?

Once the so-called God Particle is found, how much will be wasted to smash it apart? Wouldn't such effort be better directed towards understanding the rules of the waveforms and the patterns they give rise to and why we see them as particles only when we "take a mental snapshot"? What is it that is effected by directed thought and causes "particles" to temporarily manifest from waveforms within a plenum of harmonic "strings" ? How does this relate to the flow of time and change and the perceptions of "present time" and real-time? If you take a waveform representation and turn it 90 degrees so you perceive it head-on instead of sideways, and then intersect it with a membrane, notice how it becomes a moving dot or particle? Likewise, if you intersect it with two membranes that are a only one particle width apart and watch the flowing waveform from between them, what might you see?

Where does the God particle fit into the hierarchy of space-time reality, which is described by String/M theory. What gives rise to this theoretical "particle"? What does the M in string/m theory refer to?

What underlies the "strings" and how do they give rise to reality in space-time? What is the nature and function the M "branes" and don't they seem more like holo-screens that could be used to mimic flows that give rise to space and time? How does that relate to frequency and harmonics in an ever active plenum characterized as the "holo-movement?"

How did the ancient Egyptians and Nubians know about 11-dimensions, which they modeled, and which was passed on to Hebrew sages and modeled in multiple places using ancient symbology? Doesn't this evidence other paths to and sources of wisdom and cosmological knowledge that don't require such huge wastes of energy and resources to simply "smash rocks" together to understand that they break into ever smaller particles as long as we keep looking for them and re-smashing the remnants?

Could this merely be an exercise in futility? Could it nonetheless lead to a greater understanding of the infinite nature of perception in manufacturing space-time realities based on our desire to perceive something? How does that relate to self-delusion, faith, mass hypnosis, and shared realities based on reinforced agreements? If there is no end to what we can imagine is there no end to what we can perceive as the result of our directed imaginings? Could humanity be seeking in the wrong direction to find the simple truths (wisdom) that space-time is manifested from? If so, what then is the nature of space-time? Does it arise from simplicity first or complexity? Could these scientists be delving deeper into complexity while thinking they are exploring simplicity? What if reality works more like 3D-modeling software and starts off with less detail (mass), stitched together by "points of agreement" like frameworks and connect the dot drawings? If so, should we call this the God particle or the "moving further away from God particle"?

Doesn't seeking union with matter seem more like a trap with no bottom than a path to oneness with the source(s) of all truth? Isn't truth something other than matter, energy, space, or time...? If truth and wisdom are not us, but something that we can perceive, and we are not of space-time, but it is something we can perceive, then what and where are we in relation to both?

One last muse. How would you model simple non-space-time realities, which are best explained through philosophy, using space-time concepts? Wouldn't a system of advanced inter-functional symbols, hence a symbolic modeling language, be very useful and effective to bridge space-time and non-space-time patterns and realities? Wouldn't it also be more useful if it were created by those who actually understood something about the nature and structure of reality, instead of those who were trying to profit from the ignorance of everyone else? Wouldn't it be helpful to humanity if someone were expert in this field and could help bridge cosmology and philosophy in a way more likely to succeed than the troglodyte approach of forever blowing things up and smashing them together?

You'd think that some people would finally wake-up and realize that the behaviors created during the long ice-age have no place in a global community with limited resources and the need for wisdom and cooperation, instead of boneheaded stubbornness and the constant use of force to forge solutions, that are clearly not wise.

If the so-called God Particle is found, what new weapon system is planned from that? See what was done with relativity and E=MC2 and everything afterwards? Will some among us ever stop their headlong rush to destroy everything, before they finally succeed? What must be done to break this self-destructive patterning? I can assure you, that there are surprises awaiting that are best left alone. Those with such bad karma should not push their luck. Remember Murphy's law and the Doctrine of Two Spirits. The close proximity of LHC to Swiss banking centers and the great harm done to so many by money is a very bad mix. Remember that I warned you to watch from a far distance. Though the future is fluid, its inertia is very strong in certain directions. Perhaps we can burn off some bad karma in other ways before the LHC manages to do so in a most unfortunate manner...

Here is Wisdom...

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