Friday, February 27, 2009

More musings on doom and so-called "God Particles"

Here's a continuation of the previous article's musings within another interesting discussion on Holistic Quantum Relativity (HQR) titled What happens if Top Global Risks unfold in sync?

Hi DK and Harb,

What will happen?

The resulting humility will finally establish the mindset required to consider wiser ways of doing things. Hence, the meek (rudely awakened, humbled, ergo enlightened...) will finally inherit the "earth" which is now characterized by money, religion, and politics and controlled by those that use them to milk and slaughter the human herd. It would have been much simpler if people weren't so stubborn (and deceived, deluded, etc.) that most needed to suffer and struggle to the bitter end before being able to deduce the proper paths (ways) to wise living.

Since we're speaking of dark birds scrying impending disaster, let's hark back to the falsely named "God Particle" for a moment. If you listen carefully to the winds of time, you can hear ravens sing of doom as they prepare to feast beneath the peaks near Lake Geneva.

Riddle me this grasshoppers...

What is the difference between a zero-point and a singularity? Which exists at the center of the graphic on the HQR homepage and which exists at the outer edges? Which is lighter and which is darker? Which is closest to One and which leads to compressed locality beyond 11? Some learn from study, observation, and introspection, while some learn from hitting the wall in a manner too unfortunate to ignore. Some say better late than never, though late is always too late for some...

Too bad the boys over at CERN don't really understand the physics behind breaking the dimensional barrier and what happens when dimension twelve is foolishly breached. Here's a clue, it'll make the breach between 10 (energy) and matter (11) seem quaint. These people don't even have the dimension counts correct on their official web site, but they have the money to create a dimensional rift in a high energy superconductive conduit near a population center.

What is wrong with this picture?

People who don't know the truth about this universe's dimensional structures are most assuredly missing something absolutely vital. If there is E=MC2 energy in the relatively sparse plenum of space-time, what is lurking in the exponential density in the singularities beyond 11? How will it react when released into a supercooled superconductive vacuum in a deeply buried enclosure? There are lessons awaiting, just not the ones hoped for.

As I've said repeatedly, greed and arrogance make you stupid. Too bad Geneva has a "critical mass" of both. Now that's a "black swan" that'll change some paradigms in a flash and finally expose the singularity lies. Too bad those who worship gold and big toys will never listen to someone like me. But as I said...

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

My mountain retreat beckons. I strongly recommend those near Geneva retreat far behind one too. We're going to prove who's smart and who smarts.

Peace and Wisdom...

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