Friday, January 22, 2010

Money, Politics, & Religion are civilization by Flim-Flam !!

This article was first published on 1/11/2008. It is updated and republished now as a stark reminder of why we are in this global mess. The latest cadre of slick politicians, all the money in the world, and all the king's men, are about to fail miserably...

Looks like the U.S. Supreme Court has finally validated that money and corporations own the US Government and we are merely proxy slaves of those with the most money.
It is now official.

Arrogance is the seed of its own undoing !!

Those who pushed for this ruling and are now gloating over it have merely "shot themselves in the head." (It's Symbology Stupid...). This is the end of any legitimacy to the long-deceptive claims that our corporate-owned government, and the politicians they control, are of the people, or for the people, or by the people. Now that money and corporations have been legally determined to be more important than living individuals, it is beyond obvious that money is slavery and those forced to use it to survive are merely proxy-slaves to those that control money. More stubble for the fire.

Are you finally ready for real change, instead of smoke and mirrors promises that can't be kept because money, politics, and religion always come first? Tired of watching the multitudes struggle and suffer, while awaiting deceptive solutions from an illusory political shell game?

Wisdom dictates that we let results speak for themselves, hence the instruction to "know them by their fruits" (the end-results of deeds). Now look at this sad, sordid, and chaotic excuse for a civilization, created by money, religion, and politics, and tell me again that these three "strong delusions" are good for anyone, except those in power. Look around at monetary, political, and religious leaders to see how many are little more than snakes in fancy clothing, constantly writhing to avoid truth and justice. Consequently, humanity has long suffered from the horrendous side effects of a long-term lack of wisdom, imposed by millennia of greedy and deceptive leaders and their flimflam deceptions.

A wise man once explained that insanity is often characterized by doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. Humanity has been struggling and suffering because of money, politics, and religion for millennia, yet ages-old evils persist and humanity's errors have grown so great that all life is now threatened with widespread destruction and extinction.

That brings us to the crux question !!

Is humanity insane or merely deceived and deluded? More importantly though, are there any substantive or quantitative differences between the end results of each?

Are you finally tired of waiting for politics and politicians to defeat the war monger-profiteers and their greedy and deceptive backers? Tired of waiting for true solutions to climate change, pollution, poverty, injustice, rampant greed, institutionalized deception, etc., etc.? Sick and tired of smooth-talking politicos growing rich and powerful while wasting vast amounts of time, energy, and resources solving nothing, thereby guaranteeing the job security of future flimflam artists?

What would you do if given the pivotal wisdom required to drive a stake through the heart of these evil bloodsuckers' hidden power sources? Would you complain because it's not your "thing" or would you show some courage and do what is right for the sake of all life, regardless of your personal desires and most cherished opinions?

Here is Wisdom...


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