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Wiser Models of Civilization are Emerging

Edited 3/31/2009

Most people are still stuck on the fallacy that money is the only way to manage a civilization. My many discussions of this since 2002 have been met by various levels of resistance, as those same people remained enslaved to the delusion that money is somehow a wise thing. As this world's financial and economic systems implode under the weight of obscene levels of greed, debt, and deception, more people are starting to realize that true change, beyond the stale old paradigms, is both necessary and possible.

Following are some links to other sources of information that also provide emerging models of a wiser civilization and practical paths away from money, religion, and politics. Hope this helps to open your eyes, because the time has arrived for the (formerly) blind to finally see (grasp, understand...) the truth (light) about the folly of the current model of civilization.

Living as deceived and deluded proxy-slaves to money, religion, and politics is not a wise path through life. There are positive and practical ways out of this mess that are much easier than trying to repay debts that are far too big to be repaid.

Venus Project - Redesign of a culture
The Zeitgeist Movement
Zeitgeist Addendum Video

The above links to/about the related Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project provide possible physical solutions that would correspond nicely to the spiritual-conceptual solutions that I have been offering in recent years. Addressing and improving both aspects of existence will be necessary for success. We live in a dual universe that merges the spiritual and the physical. Ignoring either aspect is a prescription for failure, just as being untruthful or inexpert at either would be. It is clear that the founders of this movement picked up on my discussions about money, religion, and politics. Now the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together to prove what I have been saying in recent years. There are other ways that don't require money and living as proxy-slaves to those that control money, religion, and politics (Vatican and cohorts...). Wisdom and cooperation are the path to a better future for everyone, everywhere. Both will be necessary though.

The emerging Zeitgeist Movement is far from perfect at this early stage in its development and will never be a solution by itself. They have focused on resource scarcity as the primary reason for most human problems, when it is easily demonstrated that other more fundamental variables are involved. Scarcity is an important key to understanding how this world's leadership has imposed widespread fear and ignorance, which themselves are far more fundamental problems. The concepts presented by the Zeitgeist Movement are far too simplistic and inaccurate descriptions of a complex set of interrelated problems that require greater precision of thought and concept to successfully solve.

The focus on a heavily mechanized future civilization is not a true solution, by itself. Long before we can ever hope to live in the type of civilization envisioned by the Venus Project, we must handle the current great imbalances and overwhelming problems. The wisest approach to this is to first focus on simplifying, decentralizing, and educating people to rely less on commerce and central control. The best path away from the current forms of governance and the great problems that they have caused, is to focus on truly wise universally beneficial solutions that can be implemented now, not later. This requires a laser-like focus on truth, wisdom, and justice. Establishing societal rules based on verifiable wisdom is the only truly workable alternative to money, politics, and religion.

Focusing only on a future society driven by machines is a prescription for failure and/or future disaster. Though automation should certainly be part of future solutions to some needs, it can never replace wise people acting wisely. Automation is a limited tool with its own inherent shortcomings, not a goal in itself. Only true wisdom and cooperation are going to provide the solutions to ending humanity's slavish reliance on money, politics, and religion and those who rule this world using them. A greater focus on educating people on the basics of local food production, cooperation, conflict resolution, and how to think accurately and effectively are more likely to succeed than waiting for a far-future dream entailing massive technological leaps and massive building projects. Focusing on wiser solutions that are simpler to implement now, is a much more effective path to a future where other things will be possible. Without a wisely-laid smooth-path, the road to the future will be full of dangerous pitfalls and difficult to surmount barriers.

Another poorly handled focus of the Zeitgeist Movement are the subjects of religion and spirituality. Their assertions about the source and meaning of religious concepts are both simplistic and mostly wrong. To attempt to attribute everything associated with the faiths of Abraham, but mostly Christianity, to astrology and sun worship is a prescription for failure. People who claim to be experts on Egyptian and Hebrew religious themes and underlying meanings and then focus mostly on astrology and sun worship, without exploring the undeniable Egyptian focus on dualism, symbolism, and the pivotal importance of truth and justice are either clueless or lying. Light (truth) and heat (justice) were core symbolic concepts that were symbolized and personified by Maat and the sun. The winged-sun of Egypt and the Bible (sun of righteousness with healing within its wings...) purposely merged the symbolism of Maat and the sun to model the importance of dualism and truth and justice. The true meaning of righteousness, long hidden by religions and mystery schools, is the zeal (strong desire, flaming heart) for truth and justice. This is why the Romans hated the so-called zealots.

Likewise, the assertion that the twelve apostles of the New Testament are merely allusions to the twelve houses of the Zodiac completely misses that the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the Essenes (sons of Zadok, keepers of the way, etc.) were organized in this manner. Christian Rome's assertions about apostles are deceptions purposely designed to hide the truth about certain historical facts. They are not merely astrological allusions. People don't die and suffer for mere astrology and sun worship. Nor would the Roman Empire and its successors have expended such great effort to stamp out certain movements, if that is all they were about. The Roman Empire and Christian Rome both feared something far more potent and damaging to their religions, than astrology and sun worship. These subjects are merely smoke-screens designed to misdirect some away from much more fundamental insights into the nature of our reality and certain historical facts that completely destroy the assertions of religion. Christian Rome and the Vatican fear the truth about ancient Egyptian-Nubian symbology more than anything else. That is why they want you to focus on sun-worship, instead of truth, wisdom, and justice.

My work provides a much more accurate and verifiable understanding of the causes and solutions presented by the deceptions of religion, secret societies, and mysticism. Without a detailed and truthful exploration of the subject of Hebrew symbology, its Egyptian-Nubian roots, and why Christian Rome has expended such great energy to confound it, the efforts to establish a civilization no longer bedeviled by religious, secret society, and mystical deception will fail. I am currently completing a major upgrade to my research and writing as well as two new books. I'll offer them freely. My blogs and earlier book(s) already contain much of what the new books, and the updates to the current ones, will present (in a more polished format...). Much more will be made available in the upcoming weeks and months.

Truth and wisdom will be required to succeed in any transition away from the current brain-dead and failing model of civilization. As it now stands, the Zeitgeist Movement is failing to meet both standards. On the other hand, they do mention that human systems and knowledge are emergent in nature and capable of improvement, when that is the focus. On that basis, I sincerely offer my help to those who are looking to end the various evils that bedevil humanity to finally establish a sane, safe, and just civilization on a planet that we care for in a way that will support everyone, everywhere. This must also include the non-human members of this global community and ecosystem.

Wise concepts and their implementation are the path to a better future. The errors that currently bedevil this civilization are, in large part, linked to looking for leaders as solutions and then worshipping them as heroes, until they fail. Wisdom is the path to success as a civilization and any civilization is only as good as the concepts it is founded upon and drive it. Thereby, it follows that the cultivation and fine-tuning of wise concepts should be given far more importance than the reliance on any single individual, if we are ever going to evolve to a global society that works for all.

A New Earth freed from the evils of money, politics, religion, ignorance, fear, deceptive leaders, their deceptions, and the horrendous results of great error is now possible and within reach. The time has arrived to think about true change, without the fear of change, that keeps certain people and concepts in power. Likewise, the time has come to prove the truth about pivotal reasons for widespread fear and ignorance. Wisdom and cooperation are the keys to a better future for us all.

The Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project are emerging attempts at offering pieces to this puzzle. Another vital piece is addressed by the philosophy and wisdom enumerated by the Doctrine of Two Spirits. This wisdom is offered as a guide and tool for enlightenment to aid in the removal of fear and ignorance, which have been imposed through money, religion, and politics, as well as deception, scarcity, crime, wars, etc. It is not meant as dogma, but as a focused path to success for those who have been misled and misdirected by millennia of smoke and mirrors. Take the time to understand it, read my other articles, and focus on helping others to understand, so they can help others in various ways. As mentioned earlier, I'll be providing even more puzzle pieces in the upcoming weeks and months.

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