Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Once Again

UPDATED - 3/10/2011 - See the bottom italicized paragraphs
Who was Guy Fawkes?

It is beyond obvious that the Obama administration is playing a good cop, bad cop game against the people of Egypt. This is the same thing done in the USA by continuing the lies and activities of the Bush-Cheney crew, while manipulating the left with happy talk and half-baked attempts at change, hence deceptions.

The Tea Party movement is also clearly the tool of those that Mr. Obama actually works for. Contemplate Machiavelli, ergo divide and conquer, to grasp what the past and current political leaders have done, and are still doing, to the USA and to the rest of the world.

The unfolding events in Egypt are serving to shine a very bright light on our current administration and proving their true purposes. The patterns are undeniable and we must stand up and stand together as are many that are already risking everything to ensure that truth and justice comes to those in Egypt and elsewhere. We must thereby forge true change here in the USA, not the smoke and mirrors our political leaders have been offering. We are allowing others to be oppressed by allowing our politicians in the West to continue to get away with blatant deception.

Sadly, we are again watching the ages-old game of subverting a popular uprising to ensure that the old power elite remains rich and powerful by taking advantage of the shifting sands. That is the true goal of Mr. Obama's administration and those that pull their strings from the shadows. The true problem is not the current players and pawns that occupy political office, but those who control the money that is used to control everyone and everything else. Anyone who jumps forth to say that "the Jews" control all money have failed to pay attention to who has really controlled it for the last two millennia and purposefully set others up as scapegoats and proxies.

If you ever want to be free of those "in the shadows", then understand clearly that Rome is your true oppressor. The secret central bank of planet earth is hidden behind the curtains of the Vatican. The Papacy and the Vatican's statehood and diplomatic immunity serve as a smoke-screen to hide the true puppet masters. This is why even the USA still bows to them and "kisses the Pope's ring", even after the Vatican and Papacy have been exposed by the global child rape debacle. Why else would the so-called leader of the free world stand smiling, with such obvious evil. Anyone in their right mind would have refused to take this picture, at this time in human affairs. Clearly, something deeply deceptive is afoot here.

If Mr. Obama wishes to avoid a future war crimes indictment like the Bush-Cheney crew will be facing, I strongly suggest he grow some cahones quickly and break away from those that pull his strings. Aiding and abetting war crimes is a war crime. Unfortunately for him, he is legally the Commander-in Chief and is actually continuing those crimes. That goes far beyond simply abetting them. Now he owns them, as well.

Time is running out to prove that he respects truth and justice. So far, he hasn't even come close.

As you can see, the very same thing is happening in Libya now, a month later, but with terrible consequences for those seeking to escape the rule of yet another insane dictator, coddled by greedy arrogant western leaders. Mr. Obama and his handlers are so bereft of compassion that they don't care, and/or this is the same old game, trying to give the current dictator a chance to survive or force the rebels into accepting less than freedom. What would the revolutionary founders of the USA think about this? That shouldn't be very hard to figure out.

The same old pattern is unfolding again and it shows the extent of the deceptions and the complete lack of caring for others in such dire straits. Mr. Obama always protects the powerful, and dithers when it is time to help others, leaving them to struggle and suffer, just like he protected the Bush-Cheney crew. Can it be any clearer now? President Obama is a puppet just like George Bush was and is clearly controlled by the very same people. Both the left and right leadership in the USA are deceived and/or actively helping to deceive everyone else. This is the true purpose of politics. Here are some insights from an article from over two years ago titled "The Western Death Wish"

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